5 Tips To Deal With Acne Flare-Ups Caused By Steamy Sex

Acne flare ups are real!
5 Tips To Deal With Acne Flare-Ups Caused By Steamy Sex

Whenever the word sex comes to mind, it always gives a feeling that is too exciting and relaxing. The post-exhaustive period after doing the deed and resting your head on your partner’s shoulder with your face going all red because of all the physical movement you did is just honestly chef’s kiss. But did you know that while having sex, your body warms up and your face flares up like a tomato might be the reason behind your acne.

Before you dismiss this idea, first hear it out. When you see a zit on your face, its like a tiny red bump that transforms into a full fledged acne. And if you are someone with sensitive skin you probably would have experienced this random flare up after sex where your face all goes red and the next day you end up with a baby acne. So what do we do about this? Stop having sex? Absolutely now. Here are 5 things we can do instead.

1. Skincare

First things first, even if you are feeling lazy, get up and clean your face and do a proper skincare routine after having sex. It helps get you rid of all the dirt accumulated on your face and helps calm down the skin to avoid any further flare-ups.

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2. Icing 

If your skincare does not help with the flare-up, give your face a relaxing ice facial. All you have to do is either dunk your face a few times in an ice cold bowl or ice your face with an ice cube for 10-15 mins.

3. Spot treatment

You can also try a spot treatment cream for the zit to go away. But make sure you choose gels or creams that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

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4. Visit a derm

If the flare-up has already turned into a huge cyst just before an important event and you want to look your best, go to your dermatologist and ask for Cortisone injections, which promise to make your deep acne go away in just a day.

So are you going to follow these tips after a steamy sex session?

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