10 Celebrity-Owned Beauty Brands We To See On Indian Shelves Soon. Kab Tak To Ask NRI Relatives To Get?

We beauty girls love our products and beauty brands. And the beauty market has been growing exponentially. Over the years, we’ve seen several celebs branch out into the beauty market and own beauty, skincare and makeup brands. Don’t we all just love a brand not just promoted by a celeb but owned and created by them? Plus we all know the quality it has to offer. But not all of these celeb-owned beauty brands are available in India. Though most of us beauty girls manage to get these products from overseas by begging and pleading with rishtedaars and friends, but we so wish they were available in India with a click of a button. So here’s a list of all the celebrity-owned beauty brands we wish would come to India REAL SOON!

1. Anomaly


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Bollywood turned Hollywood queen Priyanka Chopra launched a vegan, eco-friendly hair care line in 2021 in the United States. The brand has plans to expand to the global markets soon but it’s yet to be launched in India.

2. Kylie Cosmetics


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Kylie Jenner’s makeup line Kylie Beauty is another celebrity-owned brand that hasn’t made its way to India and we hope it does soon because we just cannot wait to get our hands on those lip kits, eyeshadows, highlighters and so much more.

3. Fenty Beauty


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Rihanna is a beauty and fashion icon for a long time now but she also owns the skincare and makeup line Fenty Skin and Fenty Beauty. This beauty brand owned by the pop star is known to be inclusive and has a large range of shades available in foundations to suit all skin tones. The brand also features models of all skin colours, body types and ethnicities. And we all know how much we desis need it.

4. The Honest


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Jessica Alba’s company The Honest, founded in 2011, may have started with baby and cleaning products but it has expanded to makeup and beauty products. And even other celebs swear by some products from Honest. We just cannot wait to get our hands on the products from this brand after it hits the shelves in India.

5. About Face

This clean, vegan, cruelty-free beauty brand was launched by Halsey in 2021. This makeup brand is inclusive and fluid. This is the perfect brand for all of us who like to experiment with bold colours and makeup. Here’s to hoping About Face comes to India soon.

6. Rare Beauty

Owned by Selena Gomez, Rare Beauty is a clean, vegan, cruelty-free, conscious brand. The products from this brand are made keeping in mind the environmental impact and the packaging is also eco-friendly. 1% of the annual sales of this beauty brand are contributed towards expanding mental health services. But we have one question, when is Rare Beauty coming to India for good?

7. JLo Beauty


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Owned by Jennifer Lopez, JLo Beauty is a skincare brand that offers a variety of luxury skincare products like eye creams, serums, masks and other such products. And who doesn’t want rich and luxurious skincare products created by JLo’s very own JLo Beauty?

8. Victoria Beckham Beauty

Owned by Victoria Beckham in partnership with Sarah Creal, Victoria Beckham Beauty is a clean beauty brand with sustainable packaging and recycling pact. This celeb-owned beauty brand has luxury makeup as well as skincare products. We just cannot wait to get our hands on the products from this brand once it hits the shelves in India.

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9. Haus Laboratories


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Launched by Lady Gaga in 2019, Haus Labs is a makeup line that is clean, vegan and cruelty-free. This beauty brand is also fragrance-free, sustainable and inclusive. It has a great range of poppy eye makeup products that we cannot wait to try once it makes its way to India.

10. The Outset


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Scarlett Johansson announced the launch of her beauty brand with Kate Foster in 2021. The duo launched the beauty brand The Outset. It’s a conscious and clean skincare brand. And don’t we all want products created and curated by our fave celeb for our skincare routine but unfortunately, this beauty brand is unavailable in India.

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