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15 Celebs Rocking The Middle Parting & Here’s How You Can Get It Too

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I recently reported that straight hair is back in trend, like poker straight hair! But, you know what else has been trending for a while now? The middle part. Once again, the Kardashians love this trend and we love how they’re always experimenting with new styles. Instead of big, voluminous hair, we’ve seen a lot of Bollywood stars rocking pretty centre parts too.

If done right, a middle part can really frame your face. I love it on myself! Plus, it’s like getting a hair transformation without having to cut or colour your hair. So, take a look at the difference a middle part can make on our beloved celebrities.

1. Queen Bey

Beyoncé wore her natural hair up in a bun with a middle part on Mother’s Day. The pregnant mommy seems to really love this style. In fact, weave, wig, or natural, Bey wears a middle parted do with everything!

Looks great on date night too, doesn’t it?


2. Deepika Padukone

Deepika loves this style so much, she wore it to the red carpet at Cannes! And can you blame her? The middle part brings out her already chiseled face even more!

Back home, in India, she wore the look in a sleek-back bun. Seems like not a hair is out of place.


3. Priyanka Chopra

Speaking of international girls, PC’s go-to hair seems to be the centre parting. There are numerous occasions on which she chose to slay with the middle parted hair. Posing with Zac Efron is just one of those occasions.

On the cover of Miami, she wears the look with hair extensions that are long, tousled, and wavy!


4. Lady Gaga

Gaga graced the sets of her Coachella performance with unicorn hair colour and a messy hairdo, framed by a middle part.

And here she wears it again, on the sets of her movie with Bradley Cooper. Looks like the middle part is her favourite performance look!


5. Selena Gomez

Selena is another celebrity that looks adorable with her hair parted down the middle. I loved the crisp, straight bob she wore the the MET Gala 2017.

Here, she wears the look with long hair, layers, and beach waves.


6. Alia Bhatt

Alia wears a messy, almost bed-head middle part on the cover of Grazia. There’s something raw and beautiful about the look on her.

Here, she wears the look with a smooth bun, kind of like Deepika’s!


7. Jacqueline Fernandez

It’s just casual airport spotting for Jacqueline. She’s tied her middle parted hair into a messy, low ponytail.

And here, this one’s my favorite, she wears the look with cornrow braids.


8. Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell wears a middle part sleeked back and straight on top. She’s added waves to the rest of her hair and I’m sure this look would require a whole lot of hairspray to keep it in place.

Here she goes casual with boho, tousled, long hair and a messy centre part.


9. Kim Kardashian West

Kim’s the queen of middle parts. She’s always rockin’ a good one, no matter what the length. We all fell in love with her latest, straight bob, but it looks just as good with super long hair.

Doesn’t it, now?


10. Kendall Jenner

Yes, all of the K sisters are on this list! Don’t you just love her in that scrunched up do?

There she goes, working the middle part on the Givenchy runway! I told ya this style was trendy.


11. Khloé Kardashian

Is there anything the sisters don’t do together?

Not that we’re complaining, because sexy or straight, we love this look on Khlo Money!


12. Kourtney Kardashian

It’s a 100% smooth, silky, and straight! No one does a centre part like the eldest sister of the K clan.

And here she shows us how to do it again.


13. Aditi Rao Hydari

Aditi schools us on how to wear a simple middle parted bun with ethnic wear, looking gorgeous while she’s at it.

And she does it again in a saree, but with her hair down and delicately pinned back.


14. Parineeti Chopra

Woah, what’s with all the sisters on this list? Pari also looks great with her hair parted down the middle and tucked behind her ears.

Here, she looks adorable too, but this style’s a little messier and her sides aren’t tucked back.


15. Sonam Kapoor

Looks like Cannes this year was all about the middle part. Sonam‘s textured bun has her looking like a fairytale come to life.

And here she is again, for her Rheson campaign, wearing natural waves and a casual middle part.

#HauteTip: A middle part is a great way to emphasise your statement earrings or statement makeup.

Looking for ways to rock the style yourself? Check this out. Vlogger Lydia Toh,gives some great tips on achieving the perfect middle part.



Vlogger, Julia Salvia shows us how to wear the middle part in a super sleek, straight style.


But, if you prefer wearing it a little messy and tousled, then this is the video for you.


And from Kim Kardashian West herself, a tutorial on how to do a sleek low ponytail, which you can also turn into a bun.


If you want to leave your bun more natural and less sleek, like Bey’s or Sonam’s, then this one’s easy to do!



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