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A Professional Makeup Artist Reveals Secret Hacks To Up Your Lip, Eyeliner And Lash Game

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A year ago, makeup for me was only about the basics. I only had to save up for a nice foundation, powder, brow shaper, blush and couple of kohl-liners. But now, I find myself shelling out on products that will make my father say, “Now, what’s that for?!”. Yet, I have never been able to recreate the magic that professional makeup artists achieve in mere minutes. This is because they are the masters of their trade and have their own way of doing things. With practice, they have acquired tricks and hacks to improve their craft and know the right looks for every client. This got me intrigued so I decided to have a quick chat with a celebrity makeup artist and pick their brains about some trade secrets! Now, maybe I could be the next famous MUA.

With over six years of experience in makeup, Aafreen Petiwala, has made her mark in the beauty industry. A dentist by profession & a makeup artist by passion, Aafreen has created versatile makeup looks for brides, celebrities, co-brides for various occasions. She has worked on makeup for renowned celebrities such as Malini Aggarwal, Kamiya Jani, Krystle Dsouza, Chantal Thomass, Sheen Dass, Smriti Mandhana, etc. 

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She is a firm believer in using the right products for the right skin type to highlight the best features & enhance natural beauty. She specializes in bridal makeup, co-bridal, events, shoots, workshops both individually as well as in groups. She also let us in on some secret hacks that you won’t otherwise learn on your own!

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How To Fix Dry Gel Liner?

I am someone who is always on the go and in a rush. This means that I am often indulging in what I like to call “Express Makeup” where I use my hero products and set it all up. I also tend to not pack my makeup properly, leading to scenarios of broken palettes and dried up lines. While there is a desperate need for me to be more responsible with my makeup, there is a quick fix for dried up liners. “In the case of a dry gel liner, do not panic. Simply add some baby oil or makeup remover, mix it well and there you are, it’s all set for reuse”, suggests Aafreen and I am trying it today! 

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How To Do A Winged Liner?

So many women are plagued by the conundrum of pulling off the perfect winged liner. Aafreen suggests, “Winged liner has been the in-thing for quite a while and knowing the trick to apply it like an expert is a dream. The secret is, use your long nails to extend the tip of your liner, and you will have the perfect pointed edge. Practice it before the final show”. *Makes an appointment with the salon for nail extensions* 

How To Mattify Gloss Lipstick?

This one’s a tried and tested trick. To up your glossy lip game, Aafreen recommends, “Makeup powder can be of multiple uses and one of its secret usages is to mattify any creamy or glossy lipstick. It not just makes them look subtle and elegant but also mutes the excess gleam”. So, basically a powder can do more than just bake your face. How cool is that?

How To Use A Concealer?

I have often wondered how to make the best use of my makeup products in more ways than one. “While we all know that concealer is used to hide blemishes as well as used as a base for eyeshadows, it has other valuable uses too. From creating fine crease lines for a cut crease Arabic look, accentuating the edges of the winged liner, correcting leaking lip liner to highlighting dull areas of the face like under-eyes, nose, temple, and chin, concealer has many hidden talents, explore, experiment and enjoy”, elaborated Aafreen and it is such a neat trick!

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How To Fix A Broken Eyeshadow Pallette?

Take a makeup lover to the graveyard of broken palettes and they’ll be the one with the wettest eyes among all! It’s stupid when a tiny mistake leads to our pretty palettes being shattered. Aafreen suggests,” We have often experienced broken eye shadow palettes and it is heartbreaking when expensive, branded cosmetics get ruined. To save those precious colored cakes, one can use hair sprays and rejoin or fix those lumps for reuse”. No, crying over spilled palettes anymore. 

How To Use Stick Foundation?

What separates a professional makeup artist and a self-professed one are the products and tools. Aafreen lets us in on a tip about a makeup artist’s essential product, “Using the magic potion from Kryolan called Dermablend, one can change any creamy or stick foundation or powder-based eye shadow into liquid-base, making its use easier and much more effective”. 

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger?

Big eyes always look attractive. If you want to make your small, inset or deep eyes look bigger and brighter, use a white or a nude kohl pencil in the waterline as the trick and make your eyes look attractive

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How To Contour Your Cleavage?

According to Aafreen, “Accentuating your cleavage and flaunting your collar bones and shoulder bones with the right amount of contour and highlights is an important trick to know. Creating an illusionary depth by using colors that are a shade darker than your skin tone can do the magic. Using light and dark bronze color tactfully can create a shadowing effect that makes the cleavage look voluptuous”. 

Take notes, ladies!

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