6 Eye Makeup Tips For Girls With Glasses So You Don’t Need A ‘Makeover’ Like Naina In Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Glam up with your glasses on!

Remember Naina from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani? She started off as a chashmish girl with hardly any makeup on and to make matters worse, Bunny had to call her scholar Naina! Why does being a scholar mean she has to say toodles to make up and stay stuck with her glasses? The girl needed to get rid of her glasses to glam up in the second half of the film and that’s super annoying! Who said girls who wear glasses cannot glam up with some eye makeup without having to undergo a whole ‘makeover’?

I mean, I get that getting your eye makeup on point is hard enough as it is; add a pair of glasses to the mix and you’re kind of screwed. For some, those spectacles are a necessity, for others they’re just a ‘smart’ looking accessory — whichever one you’ve opted (or not opted) for, getting your pyaare nainas right with glasses on can be a struggle.

It can go two ways — you can either look like a panda on crack, or a strung-out Powerpuff Girl if you don’t get your eye makeup right. Only it’s a lot more magnified, thanks to the glasses! Thankfully, we’ve got 6 eye makeup tips that every four-eyed girl needs to follow in order to make her life a whole lot better!


1. Volume Mascara Vs Lengthening Mascara

Pick voluminous lashes over long ones! If your lashes ‘lengthen’ a little too much, then the chances of product getting on the lens is a lot higher — which means, you’ll be left with hazy vision!

Plus, skip the mascara on your bottom lashes.


2. Conceal under-eye shadows

Your glasses usually cast a dark shadow under your eyes, therefore don’t forget to use a little colour corrector and concealer to counteract that shadow.


3. Match your liner to your frames

Make sure you always stick to a liner shape that matches the shape of your frames. This means that if your glasses have a thicker frame, go with a thicker line, and vice versa.


Makeup for glasses 6_Hauterfly

4. Winged liner tip

Always line your cat-eye or winged liner to the corner of your glasses. This will make your eyes appear bigger.


makeup for glasses_hauterfly

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5. Save the smokey

Keep your smokey eye for when wear contact lenses. This is because a dark eyeshadow pigment beneath a pair of glasses could make your eye are appear darker than it actually is.

Opt for more illuminating and neutral colours on the top of your lid, just to add that pop to it. If you do want to get that smokey eye, then simply outline your waterline with liner and smudge it a tad bit! Oh, and don’t forget to blend, blend, blend!


6. Don’t forget ’em brows

Those brows are equally important, so remember to brush them well and get them on fleek. Add a little bit of brow product to fill in those strays — the perfect partner to go with your glasses.

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