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5 Tips To Finding Your Fiery Red Lip Shade Based On Your Skin Tone

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Red lips scream girl boss. And you know that the glamour quotient is high when you rock a red lip. But hey, wearing it for the first time or when you don’t wear it regularly can be daunting. Which is why, we have a bunch of things you might want to take into account before you swipe that hot red lip on.

I’m putting together 5 tips you should always try and follow if you want a goddess-like red pout!

1. Is This Your Red?

This depends on your skintone. I’m not one to get into complicated undertones, because I believe that doesn’t always apply. Instead, keep it simple. Are you super fair? Well, then go for orange-y, super warm reds. Whether the shade is light or dark, make sure it’s warm.


Tips to rock red lipstick_Hauterfly

Maybelline New York Siren In Scarlet (Rs 460)

If you are medium fair or slightly tan, then almost any shade will go with your skin. Yay! Although, if your teeth have discolouration, orange and super warm-toned lipsticks may amplify this effect, so avoid them.

For darker skin, try shades like M.A.C. Ruby Woo. Cool-toned shades, with blue or purple undertones, look great on darker skin!

Tips on how to wear red lipstick_Hauterfly

Blue Heaven Xpression Lipstick in Cherry Red (Rs 125)

2. Gloss Or Matte?

Really, it’s your choice and it completely depends on your mood, but make sure the shimmer on the face or eyes is balanced with matte, and vice versa. Unless you are going for that shiny disco ball effect, in which case, go all out. However, matte lipsticks can make your lips look dry so remember to load up on the lip balm beforehand.


Tips to wear red lipstick_Hauterfly

Lakmé Absolute Gloss Addict In Rustic Red (Rs 640)

#HauteTip: If you have ageing skin and fine lines around your mouth, then don’t opt for a bold matte shade. It may seep into the lines or make them more prominent. Opt for a lip stain, wash of colour, glossy, or creamy lipstick instead.


3. No Jarring Eyes

Now, I’m all for a statement makeup look, but take your look for a test drive. Don’t pit two jarring colours against each other, like blue eyeshadow and dark red lips. Again, this depends on shades of blue or shades of red, but just swatch the colours on your face or hands, and make sure there are no extremes on your face.


4. Always Wear Eye Makeup

It’s important to wear some amount of makeup on your eyes. While we don’t want a jarring contrast, we don’t want bare eyes that may seem droopy and dull, as compared to your lips. So, brows and mascara are a must.

If you’ve already got thick brows, just 2-in-1 it and lightly comb them in place with mascara. Remove the excess by dabbing tissue.

#HauteTip: My favourite eye look with red lips is bold brows, subtle winged liner, and luscious lashes. Nothing beats that!


Tips to wear red lipstick_Hauterfly

Maybelline New York Volume Express  Hyper Curl Mascara (Rs 260)

5. Ease Into It

Don’t opt for a full red lip if it’s your first time. Sheer it out a little bit. Apply the red, then keep blotting with tissue to lessen the colour. Mix it in with a colour and always use a brush! This will control the amount of the product.

Whether you want to line your lip completely or just brush a little lipstick around your lips, a brush will help you achieve the look you want.


Tips to wear red lipstick_Hauterfly

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