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5 Beauty Hacks That Will Shave Minutes Off Your Morning Routine

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Hitting the snooze button more than once is a guilty pleasure we all love indulging in. Everybody understands the joys an extra five minutes can bring to your chi. Unfortunately, those five minutes usually don’t stick to JUST five, and then you’re left running around like a headless chicken trying to put together the puzzle pieces that is your life.

Times like that, you need quick fixes — ways to get everything back on track in an instance.

Well, the options you have are: Dr. Who it and turn back time to your 5th snoozed alarm (which isn’t possible); strut out of your house in pyjamas (a dirty sweatshirt isn’t really appropriate attire, so no); or use little tips and tricks to make your life a lot easier in general.

If you’re someone who likes to dress up as much as they like to get their ZZZs in order, you’re going to like this!

We give you 5 hacks that will help you save time in the morning while getting ready — either use your extra time wisely, or sleep in some more…in any case, be a headless chicken no more!

5 beauty hacks to save time_Hauterfly

1. Bushy Brows

Getting your eyebrows filled in is the most strenuous task when doing your makeup. It requires precision, dexterity, and skill. And doing that when you’re under a time constraint *phew* you’re literally one line away from looking like the Cookie Monster.

Take your eyebrow pencil and line your brow lightly. With the respective spoolie, stroke your brows slowly, blending the harsh lines into your fine hair. This increases the thickness of your eyebrows, without giving you that bushy feel. Also, you can literally pull it off in seconds.


5 beauty hacks to save time_Hauterfly

2. Beachy Waves

Second day hair and you really do care? Well, then simply braid your hair into 2-3 sections, take your flat iron and gently press against the braids.

With a hair spray or mousse, coat the strands with some product and repeat the heat-clamping.

Let your braids loose and ruffle your hair…voila! Those beach waves are ready to hit the road!


5 beauty hacks to save time 3_Hauterfly

3. Baby Oil Shave

Did you know shaving your legs with baby oil will make the smoothness last a lot longer? This way you won’t have to shave every other day. Say goodbye to unnecessary stubble, especially on those days when you are running late.

Plus, using baby oil saves you minutes on moisturising in the morning too!


5 beauty hacks to save time 4_Hauterfly

4. Refresh hair with perfume

Spritz a little bit of your favourite perfume on your hairbrush when untangling those locks. By brushing through your hair with the fragrance you are basically refreshing it and restyling it.

The perfume acts like a dry shampoo and temporarily absorbs the excess sebum from you scalp.

This saves you time with washing your hair in the morning and having to style it just before stepping out of the house.


5 beauty hacks to save time 5_Hauterfly

5. Repurpose Your Products

If you are one to play headless chicken, then we’re pretty sure you aren’t as organised when it comes to your makeup storage skills.

For those moments, keep your essentials handy and repurpose them. For example, use your lipstick to get that selfie perfect pout and double it up as a blush or rouge.

If you’re wearing a lip gloss with a bit of shimmer, blend it on to your high-points to create that natural light reflection on your face.

In this manner, you won’t waste time unnecessarily when looking for products in your oh-so-messy kit!


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