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10 Dressing Tables Any Beauty Junkie Will Love

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I often spend my weekends organising and reorganising my closet and dressing table. And I don’t do it because it gets messy, I actually enjoy arranging everything to perfection. So you can imagine how orgasmic (yes, orgasmic) it is to come across images of impeccable closets and dressing tables. 

Now, I know I can’t be the only Monica Geller (from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) type of person out there. So raise your hands if even the thought of a neat, accessible, and, most importantly, functional living and dressing space gives you the feels. 

If your hands are up in the air, these 10 dressing tables we picked out will really hit that sweet spot, and inspire you for your next big bedroom purchase, especially if you’re a beauty junkie. 

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1. The most important thing when you’re putting on your makeup is the light. If you can’t see what you’re doing clearly, chances are you’ll land up using the wrong shades of base makeup, and nobody needs that!


2. If you don’t have too much space for a dressing table, even a small table like this one will do. Make sure you have marked containers and organisers for your makeup and brushes, and you’ll see how it all just fits right in!


3. Just think how gorgeous a gunmetal shaded dresser would look in the corner of your room. If you’re going for a material like this for the dresser, make sure your mirror and chair come with the same accents too, so that it all looks well put-together.


4. Sure, the dressing table itself is goals. But with that ‘fabulous’ lettering on top, it just takes the whole thing an extra mile, don’t you think?


5. If you’re a beauty vlogger like Deepica Mutyala, this is the dressing table you need. Not only does the entire table come in a mirror surface, it even has a beauty mirror with lights propped up on the desk. Also, we love how she arranges her makeup in clear boxes, so you know exactly where everything is, without having to pull everything out.


6. Instead of having mismatched cups and glasses to hold your makeup tools, why not pick all the containers and accessories in the same colour palette? It instantly makes the area look neater and, not to mention, so much more stylish. A vase of flowers wouldn’t hurt either.


7. Now this is as minimal as it gets. If you hate the clutter, get yourself a hidden table like this. Once you’re done, everything gets covered with the faux top and it’ll look as pristine as you like.


8. If you’re that quintessential flower child, this is the set-up you need. Sure, the vase and single stems are cute, but it’s the flower lights draped over the mirror that really make the whole thing pop.


9. Most people go for white tables, but a pastel shade like this is such a refreshing change. Add a contrast with pastel pinks and rose gold, and you’re left with one stunning vanity table.


10. And finally, this is possibly the most unattainable of the lot, but it’s definitely dressing table goals! Just look at all that storage space…sigh!


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