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5 Endearing But Funny Things To Expect If Yours Is The First Wedding In Your Family

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Parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends… basically everybody looks forward to weddings! Maybe not their own, of course, but other people’s. Especially for a family, the first wedding of any generation is a super special event. Everybody gets excited and involved because, well, IT’S THE FIRST WEDDING IN THE FAMILY! But, if the wedding is yours, you’ll know that there are a lot of things that are happening not because it’s your wedding, but because it’s the family’s first. No, really, think about it. Would these things happen if your family had already done this big, fat Indian wedding thing before?

1.Everybody will want to be involved.
It’s not just your parents, but their parents and siblings, and your younger siblings and cousins who want to be a part of organising your big day. Reasons may vary – maybe your uncles and aunts want to prep for their own child’s wedding, maybe your younger cousins want centrestage at your sangeet. Whatever it may be, nobody is blase about your big day!

2.Everybody will be damn confused.
Come on, it’s a given, right? They’ve never done this before. They don’t know which are the best venues for functions, caterers for food, designers for outfits, and vendors for gifts. They’re figuring it all out as they try to put together a memorable wedding day for you. Sometimes, they are as stumped about the rituals as everyone else.

3.Everybody will be damn emotional. 
Because weddings are a sort of a goodbye, and this is a first for them. Also, the married folks in your family will probably be reminiscing quite a bit watching you enter your “new” life.

4. Everybody will be damn excited. 
After all, they’re making room for the first “in-law” of your generation. That means a bigger family. That means more celebrations in the future. That means a whole new life for them as well.

5. Everybody will have an opinion. 
Whether it’s warranted or not, all your relatives will have something or the other to say. And no, not just about how the wedding should be organised. They’ll have an opinion on your soon-to-be spouse, on their family, and on how you should plan your future.


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