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7 Types Of Squats That Will Help You Get A Toned Butt!

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Getting a Kardashian butt can be a task and a half since you don’t exactly have a million trainers and dieticians working to get each and every part of your body right! But, thankfully, a regular and targeted exercise routine can help you work on specific body parts. We did show you how to get toned arms and a flat tummy already; now here’s a perfect tutorial for you to get a better butt.

This routine consists of 7 types of squat exercises, which you need to do for 12 repetitions each. Repeat the entire routine 2 times for better results.

1. Classic Squat

2. Roundabout squat

3. Ski Squat To Sumo Squat

4. Squat Jacks

5. Bulgarian Split Squat

6. Triple Dip Squat With Pulses

7. Jump Squats


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