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Breakfast & A Blow Dry In 45 Minutes – This Salon Is Perfect For The Girl-On-The-Go!

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If you’re a girl-on-the-go, you’d probably relate to behaving like a headless chicken at the crack of dawn, making a well-thought-out choice between spending time eating your breakfast and styling your hair, versus sleeping blissfully for an extra 20 minutes.

Well, sadly the bed wins and then you’re left with dishevelled hair and a rumbling stomach — mainly ‘cause you’ve had JUST a piece of toast, and convinced yourself that it’s enough breakfast.

Totally vibe-ing with your sentiment is The Blowdry Bar, a quaint and pretty cool salon that basically gives you exactly what you need – ‘cause life is difficult enough.

Located against the backdrop of the scenic Marine Drive in Mumbai, this place offers a one-of-a-kind service in Mumbai, which essentially gives you a pampering sesh, while ALSO serving you a delicious breakfast spread!

Their ‘Rise And Shine’ service for women allows you to choose between a wash and blowout, an express mani-pedi, a head massage or foot reflexology – all of which come with a breakfast package catered by The Gourmet Box.

Oh, and the best part is that all of this wraps up within 45 minutes!

The breakfast tray comes delectably packed with a bowl of fruit granola served with yoghurt, a bottle of lemon detox water, a cream cheese bagel, and two chocolate chip and cinnamon waffles served with honey and berry compote. And of course, to kickstart your morning, how can we forget a cup of coffee?! Tempted yet?

With a cocktail of blow dry styles, there are many for you to choose from – whether it’s a simple blowout, or one with a braid, they’ve got it all. On a side note, when washing your hair, they will sneak in a mini massage that might be the perfect excuse for a cat-nap!

Plus, if you’re looking for bae to join you too, well then, there’s a Rise And Shine menu for the men as well!

Do note that this particular service requires a prior appointment as they pre-order the breakfast and it’s delivered fresh to you on the very same day. And since it is meant to fit into the everyday hustle and bustle, it is only available Monday to Thursday, 8am to 11am!

Now, you’d think that this power-packed service would cause a little bit of damage to your wallet – but don’t be fooled, ‘cause it costs just Rs 1,500!

That isn’t a splurge at all, especially if you want to walk out with bouncy curls and a happy stomach! Isn’t pampering yourself a great way to start your work day?

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