Meet Bani J, The Fiercely Fit Hautestepper

Meet Bani J, The Fiercely Fit Hautestepper

When you first spot her, you know this is not a girl you want to get on the wrong side of. She’s badass and she has not qualms about it. Bani J has tattoos, an attitude and she wears both with a swagger that’s charming and fun. She’s fierce, sexy and fabulous. When we met her for Hautesteppers, she walked in, sat down, makeup and ready to go. And when the camera rolled, she came alive.

And over the next few hours, we discovered this woman. Her journey, her joys, her devil-may-care attitude and we were charmed. She’s a fitness enthusiast, and TV host and she juggles all of these hats effortlessly. She talks about the many aspects of her life with equal passion. What drives her, what her peeves are and how people perceive a seemingly rebellious woman. She’s opinionated, packs a punch and takes no prisoners. For precisely those reasons, she’s on our Hautesteppers series and this is an episode we are sure you will enjoy. Go ahead and indulge.

Hauterfly Staff

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