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If My Periods Were A Person And Other Horror Stories

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If food were a person, we would be best friends. I would hang out with food all day long, it would make me smile and we would be inseparable. It would an unbreakable friendship. You know a relationship that would not work? A friendship that would not work? That would immediately die a cruel death? If periods were a person.

I would, could potentially go to jail for murdering a person, if periods were a person. It would not be pretty. We would not be friends. We would be frenemies. I mean, I would still need her. Her coming over would mean that I am not pregnant which is important. But also, it means that my hormones are in order and all that. But when she’s here, it’s havoc. I have cramps, my back hurts, I am cranky and I am ravenous pretty much all the time.

What would your periods be if they were a person? Watch and tell us in the comments if you can relate.

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