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Cute DIY Gift Ideas Your Best Friend Will Love!

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Who said that you can only do something special for your bestie on Friendship Day?! Making cute little things for your friends is the best way to tell them you love them and that they mean so much to you. Here is a quick DIY keychain and bracelet that you can make for your BFF in under 5 minutes!

1. BFF Keychain

Things You Will Need:

  1. Paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Hole punch
  4. Yarn
  5. Pliers
  6. Keychain
  7. Pencil
  8. Jewellery Wire

Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Cut at least 20-25 2-inch squares. Punch two holes on top of it and tie it with a yarn.

Step 2: Now attach a key chain to it.

Step 3: Take a jewellery wire and make a loop with it to secure a key chain and then attach it to the loop. Now insert the sharp end of the wire into the rubber part of the pencil and you’re done!

2. Friendship Bracelet

Things You Will Need:

  1. Cardboard
  2. Stencil
  3. Pencil
  4. Yarn
  5. Scissors

Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Cut a circular piece of cardboard using a stencil. Now cut a hole in the  centre and 8 slits on the circumference.

Step 2: Take 7 strings of yarns and tie a knot at one end. Pass the knot through the center of the cardboard and attach the 7 yarns into each slit.

Step 3: Here comes the fun part! Pick up a yarn two slits away from the empty one and put it there. Skip two yarns at a time and insert it in the open slit. Repeat the same till the desired length and tie a knot. VOILA!


Hauterfly's Content Writer and Video Producer, Kreena is a sucker for all things DIY. In love with nail art, beauty, fashion, textiles, and all things creative under the sun, she follows the mantra: Why buy, when you can DIY?!

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