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14 New Year Resolutions Best Friends Should Make!

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Every new year starts with two things: a) writing the date wrong, and b) making resolutions. A little time and effort corrects the first, but the latter is a whole different story.

In 2018, let’s do things differently. How about a resolutions buddy? Keep promises with your best friend to ensure they are fulfilled. Some for the encouragement, others to save you from embarrassment. Whether it is to lose weight, or to stay away from ‘the ex’, share your resolutions with your BFF, and see them work out like a magic.

If not, at least you will end up having fun, and the year will go by — all smiles! Not a bad deal, right?

To help you get started, Team Hauterfly teamed up with their best friends and made a few resolutions of their own. Watch them, and pester your friends to follow our footsteps!


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