Misogynists Declare Women’s Day As False Case Day On Twitter. Aaj Hi Ke Din Yeh Sab Yaad Aaya?

Baaki dino pe yeh sab yaad kyu nahi aata?
Misogynists Declare Women’s Day As False Case Day On Twitter. Aaj Hi Ke Din Yeh Sab Yaad Aaya?

March 8 is observed as Women’s Day globally, and the whole point of the day is to celebrate women. The day started to highlight women’s rights and women’s issues. Because it has been through generations that women have suffered at the hands of patriarchy and had to fight for basic rights like the right to education, the right to vote and many others. So, a separate day for women is not to give them a day’s perks like free drinks but to take a look at how far we have come as a society in making this world a better place for women. But isme bhi there are misogynistic people who decided to trend the phrase False Case Day on Twitter because unse anything good trending about women toh dekha kaise jaaega?

It is so ironic how on Women’s Day, these ignorant people decided to talk about false cases on Twitter. On how many regular days do these same people talk about such an important issue? None, right? People have come out in support of those men accused of false cases by sharing screenshots of how much they had to suffer because women maligned them.

If that is the case, shouldn’t women be talking about gruesome rape cases all throughout the year? Because it is not just women but also animals, and infants who are raped by men. Instead of still appreciating women for believing in the judicial system to get them justice after all the wrongs that have been done to them, men decide to shame the entire gender on Women’s Day.

Take a look at the misogynist tweets shared by men below that are so truly disgusting. From calling women grenades to talking about how men are treated like ATM machines after marriage, all sorts of tweets surfaced online. But sir, women would not treat like you ATM machines if you would let them work, na!

This tweet is so annoying. The entitlement that this man feels as if women are desperate to marry men.


And did this gentleman think about the dowry cases that are still prevalent in the country?

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And on Men’s Day, the same seek sympathy because they do not feel appreciated enough. Bhai, who will appreciate you if you find reasons to bash women every chance and opportunity they get? If they felt half as concerned about women’s safety as they are about their own, we would not be having this conversation right now.

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