United Hindu Front Stages Protest Against SC Hearing Petitions To Legalise Same-Sex Marriage

They say it's against Indian culture!
United Hindu Front Stages Protest Against SC Hearing Petitions To Legalise Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage is not legal in all countries. As per the US-based LGBTQ advocacy group, only 32 countries recognise same-sex marriage and it has been recognised by the court in only 10 countries. And India is not one of those countries. The rights of the people from the LGBTQ community have time and again come under the radar for being lacking. In line with the same, several petitions have been filed courts across India to legalise same-sex marriage. On January 6, Supreme Court was scheduled to hear the petition to transfer all cases pertaining to legalising same-sex marriages before all High Courts to the top court. Ahead of the hearing, the United Hindu Front staged a protest outside the court against the same.

The United Hindu Front protested against Supreme Court hearing the petition seeking legalisation of same-sex marriages. The organisation staged the protest outside the gates of the Top Court. The right-wing group claimed that the Apex Court should not even hear the petition as homosexuality is “against” Indian culture. TBH, this is absolutely absurd. We say this protest is against humanity but that doesn’t mean these people cannot protest. As humans and Indian citizens, we all have some basic rights one of which includes the right to equality before the law. Someone needs to hand these people a copy of our Indian Constitution. To protest against Supreme Court hearing the petitions is surely a tad bit too much.

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After the video of the protest went viral, filmmaker Onir took to Twitter to slam the right-wing outfit for hating on minorities. Calling them “morons” the filmmaker said that they’re just a “bunch of haters” and should be imprisoned.

What Happened At The Supreme Court Hearing?

The matter was heard by a Supreme Court bench comprising Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud and Justice PS Narasimha. In the case, the Apex Court agreed to hear the petitions demanding same-sex marriages be legalised in India. Further, all petitions for the same before High Courts across the country have been transferred to the Top Court.

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The court also sought a response from the government in the case and directed it to file its reply by February 15. The batch of petitions will next be heard on March 13.

Image Source: Twitter/Wikimedia Commons

Supreme Court Of India To Consider The Legalisation Of Same-Sex Marriages, And We’re Keeping Our Fingers Crossed

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