HC Grants Divorce To Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur Over Cruelty By Wife. Men Also Face Harassment!

HC Grants Divorce To Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur Over Cruelty By Wife. Men Also Face Harassment!

Cases of harassment against women, imposed by men often go unnoticed and that’s just the sad reality of the country today. One such case came under the spotlight when MasterChef India judge and chef Kunal Kapur was granted divorce over cruelty by his wife. Kapur who got married in the year 2008 also has a son from his estranged wife. Kapur’s appeal to the high court was for divorce, about his ugly terms with his wife, whom he accused of harassment.


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According to the latest order by the High Court, “In the light of the afore-noted facts of the present case, we find that conduct of the respondent towards appellant has been such that it is devoid of dignity and empathy towards him. When such is the nature of one spouse towards the other, it brings disgrace to the very essence of marriage.” Kapur who has been battling the case since 2018, was on the receiving end of many allegations imposed by his wife.

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As per the “wild allegations” imposed by the wife, Kapur was accused of infidelity and extra-marital relationships after coming into the limelight. “However, in her testimony as RW-1, she failed to depose any specific instance showing that she was only insinuating. Nor did she provide any proof apart from photographs which are based on her presumption of illicit affairs as admitted by her in her cross-examination,” mentioned the division bench of Justices.

The bench further stated that Kapur’s wife made these allegations without the support of any proof. In statements made by Kapur, he stated how his wife not only humiliated him but also disrespected his parents. However, his wife alleged that Kapur kept her in the “dark and concocted fabricated stories to obtain a divorce from her.” After years of discussion and wild revelation, Kapur was finally granted a divorce. This case brings injustice against men to the limelight. Earlier, celebrity cricketer Shikhar Dhawan was also granted a divorce based on cruelty imposed by his wife. Dhawan often spoke about the injustice and said how his wife distanced him from his son, making sure they didn’t meet.

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