Iran Abolishes Morality Police After Anti-Hijab Protest Following Mahsa Amini’s Custody Death, Twitter Says, “It’s Just One Step”

They have a long way to go!

Iran has been in a state of chaos ever since the anti-hijab protests began following the custody death of a 22-year-old woman who was arrested for violating the country’s dress code for women. Mahsa Amini was arrested for allegedly violating the strict dress code that the country has for women, following her arrest and custody death, Iranian women went on an anti-hijab protest and since then there has been unrest in the country. And now, in a new update, reports claim that Iran has abolished the morality police.

According to a Hindustan Times Report, News Agencies have quoted Iran’s Attorney General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri saying that the morality pliuce has no connection with the judiciary and it has been abolished. This means that the morality police, also known as the guidance patrol, established under the leadership of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been abolished. The morality police came in place to promote hijab as well as the “culture of modesty”. A day earlier, the Attorney General had announced that the parliament and judiciary are considering if the law that requires Iranian women to wear hijab needs to be changed or not.

Ever since the new broke, Twitter has been buzzing with reactions as people hail the move. Several users expressed relief that Iran has finally taken a step towards providing some relief to the women while on the other hands, users also pointed out that it’s all words until the changes being made are evident. Some internet users called it a historical move and some said it’s a refreshing change for women while adding that it’s the power of people that has led to it. Several users have also said that nothing has really changed for the women in Iran because the ground reality is much different than what is being said.

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Well, TBH, we’re also very glad that Iran finally gave in and decided to abolish the morality police but the fact remains that while there may not be a “morality police” the law that forces women to wear Hijab continues to remain. The country still has a dress code for women and while this may be a step forward, Iran still has a long way to go.

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