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5 Reasons He Isn’t Able To Give You Orgasms

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Have you ever felt that the foreplay was all good and then you were just left high and wet? Well, I am pretty sure you did, not just once but quite a few times. Why else would you be on this article? Also, it’s really not that uncommon! So many women complain about not getting enough orgasms or of their partner not lasting long enough! It’s not fair to us and we shouldn’t settle for this lack of orgasms. But first, we must know why this is happening – that his pleasure is being served and yours not. Here are 5 reasons you should know so you can fix it or ditch it!


1) You’ve faked an orgasm one too many times

As bad as it sounds, most of us have faked an orgasm at some point or still continue to do. Most women do it so it doesn’t hurt the ego of their man. But hey, if you’ve been going all heavy on sighs and moans and pretending to come, how would he really know you haven’t? The first step – maybe stop doing that!

2) He is selfish, duh!

I understand if he tried to give you an orgasm but for whatever reason you couldn’t come. However, if he enters the bedroom expecting to get one but clearly having no fucks to give if you get one, he is just plain selfish.

3) You’ve been a little too understanding

You’ve had the talk and you’ve told him how he needs to wait until you come. But whenever he doesn’t, you just kiss his forehead and tell him it is okay. And it probably is, for a couple of times! Don’t become a doormat and the next time, tell him it’s not cool anymore.

4) He doesn’t see it coming but should

Especially if he doesn’t have enough experience in bed, it can take him time to practise patience. He needs to hold it in and practising slow sex can help. When he is about to come, stop and start again once he’s a little more calm. There’s actually exercises he can do that will help him – you know, if he wants to.

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5) He doesn’t know how to

Every woman is different and our pleasure points work differently. So if he doesn’t know how his moves are making you feel, especially since this is about your pleasure, then teach him. Show him what gets you going and gently guide him to the land of orgasms.

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