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Women Of Reddit Believe Men Often Fake Incompetence To Avoid Domestic Chores

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I believe it’s very convenient for men to act completely clueless about household work, mess it up a couple of times and then let the woman do it herself. Maybe they are actually bad at it but it’s not like I was born with an instruction manual on doing the dishes. So don’t tell me, it’s such a difficult task to understand that men just cannot wrap their heads around it. And mothers? They need to stop letting their sons get away with such things so their wives don’t have to parent an adult man later on.

At some point, I was dating this guy who wanted to try making all these interesting healthy meals for himself, when he had the time. You know to feel like a chef. But on a regular basis, can you expect him to make his own evening snack? He didn’t even know how to put on the flame. We broke up but we stayed friends for a bit. But oh God, it would surprise me how he had absolutely no idea about anything in the house. He wouldn’t know where what’s kept in the kitchen (just look for it, maybe?). In fact, during the lockdown his parents did all the housework and he did nothing until I scolded him for being like that. I couldn’t bear to hear more of this!

This man was intelligent! And here he was, being clueless about household work. I bet he wasn’t pretending; he was just too disinterested in learning because life was convenient without him having to do that.

However, there are several men who pretend to be so excruciatingly bad at doing chores that women end up doing it themselves. Their wives and girlfriends get stuck doing all the work, while also having a job because the men make it sound so difficult that no matter what, they are not programmed to do that. Like can pigs fly? No. Can men do chores around the house? No. Are new-age women buying this shit? Hell, no!

A woman took to Reddit to ask the million dollar question: “What are your thoughts on the theory that many men purposefully perform housework poorly, so women will stop asking them to do it?” Several women flooded the thread with their experiences and how their current and ex partners have been acting clueless with household work. They said it’s highly likely that the men are doing this on purpose. That or being too comfortable to learn. Some women shared tips on how they got their partners to change.

“He got really mad and claimed I had high expectations.”

“Didn’t do his laundry for 3 weeks and he legit thought I just want doing laundry. He went to do laundry finally and asked where all mine was. Light bulb clicked,” a woman wrote.

A woman said she dumbed it down, made a chores list and all and he still failed at being a decent adult. “I’d literally have to make a chores list on the fridge with tasks for him, because he wouldn’t do anything otherwise. He was intentionally bad at cleaning the bathroom, either that or he was just too stupid to understand basic scrubbing and rinsing. I stopped asking because I need a clean bathroom space and if I was gonna end up redoing it, I’d rather just have it done right the first time. But I did wake his ass up early on Sundays after partying on Saturdays (tbf he partied Monday-Sat) to vacuum, because I figured if he was smart enough to hold a spoon and guzzle a beer, he could plug in the cord and move it across the floor,” she wrote. Another woman failed miserably at getting her man to adult. “haha I tried this once. he got really mad and claimed I had high expectations. dude. you’re an adult too?” she wrote.

“He has to ask where literally everything goes”

Women claimed how the men in their family behaved extremely stunted when it came to household work, in spite of being intelligent otherwise. “This is definitely a thing. my little brother once convinced me he didn’t know how to boil water… I ended up cooking for him for a while before realizing how dumb I was,” a woman wrote.

“My parents have lived in the same house for 20+ years and watching my dad try to put dishes away is painful. He has to ask where literally everything goes. Nothing has been rearranged in that house in two decades! My father in law is a brilliant engineer and “can’t figure out” how to put my dog’s harness on..,” another woman added.

A woman wrote that both her brother and husband did that while they were living with their respective mothers. “My brother and husband both did this and they both seemed to think it was cute. They both have stopped it as they are no longer living with their mothers who thought this was endearing in some way,” she explained.

“What kills me about things like this, like not knowing where things go, is do they not pay attention to where it came from? Why do I have to be the one to know where every single item lives in the house? It’s exhausting to constantly be asked where everything is because I’m apparently the only one who keeps track,” another woman expressed.

“You suck at something? Practice.”

A woman shared how her husband sneakily tried to avoid work claiming she would do it better and faster. “My husband recently said something about how he wouldn’t mind making the kids lunches of he could do it as quick as me. I just looked at him and said ‘do you know how I got faster?’ The utter shame on his face as he muttered ‘practice’ almost made me less furious… Almost. This same conversation has been had about shit like peeling potatoes and fruit, and tidying the kitchen counters. He goddamn knows. You suck at something? Practice,” she wrote.

“At that point I’d pretty much just ask him what the fuck is wrong with him :/ like.. why can’t you put dishes away properly? What’s going on here? You trust this man to parent your children when he can’t figure out where dishes go?” another woman expressed. Seriously! If you are so dumb about something so small, how do you get anything done in life?

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I think the men should know by now that their wives are not like their mothers. We need to be with a man that acts like a grown-up and doesn’t expect us to be household project manager. It should be paid work, if it’s going to so imbalanced! If I was unemployed and my husband was working, I would take on home duties. But if we both are working and probably have the same amount of free time, why should I be mothering an adult? If I wanted to be a mother already, I’d get me a kid. At least, their behaviour is apt for their age and they are cuter.

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