6 Things To Consider Before You Ghost Him For Good!

Ask yourself these questions!

In this era of online dating, we all know what it’s like to get ghosted. And while we’ve all had moments when we’ve gone crying into the arms of our besties to tell them how we were ghosted by a certain someone. However, this doesn’t mean that we haven’t been the ones doing the ghosting. In fact, data from dating app happn shows that 32% of men consider ghosting a part and parcel of online dating and while women do not feel the same way, this doesn’t mean that women don’t ghost. So, in case you’re planning to ghost someone, here are some things you might want to consider.

1. Why Do You Want To Ghost Them?

Understanding the root cause behind your action is essential. Are you ghosting them because you just don’t want to communicate with them or is it because of something they did? Why is it that communicating with them is so hard for you? Ask yourself all these questions and deliberate the answers before you ghost him.

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2. Is It Really Okay To Ghost?

Are they someone who refuses to take no for an answer? Are they someone who just refuses to understand that you’re not interested in them? Do they make it impossible for you to have a conversation with them? Are you a victim of catfishing? In that case, what choice do you really have?

3. Are They From Your Social Circle?

Just in case you’re planning on pulling a disappearing act on someone from your own social circle or someone you’re going to end up meeting somewhere or the other, you might want to reconsider your decision to ghost. Imagine running into this person you ghosted at a friend’s birthday party or at a work event. Yeah, think before you do it.

4. How Long Have You Known Them?

If you’ve been talking to someone virtually for a few months but haven’t really met or forged a real connection, it might be okay if you ghost (even though ghosting is never okay). But if you’ve been talking to them in person and have met them too (even if it’s one date), DO NOT ghost them. Give them enough respect to have a clear conversation with them instead of going MIA on them.

5. Can You Talk To Them Before You Ghost?

Take a moment to reflect upon what would happen if you were to have an honest chat with them instead of just disappearing. Evaluate if you can be honest with them and give them an answer or a reason or just give them closure before you walk out of their lives. If it is possible, have a conversation with them. And it’s okay if you tell them a white lie or give them the incomplete truth as long as you give them closure instead of just ghosting them out of the blue.

6. Are There Any Alternative Solutions?

Apart from having an honest conversation, think if there’s any other way to resolve this problem. Do you really have to ghost them? Is there some way for you to make things worse instead of going MIA? If you don’t find any alternative solution to ghosting, you can go ahead and do it.

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7. Do You Know How It Will Affect Them?

It’s important to not just understand but also accept the pain your actions will cause. If you’re not willing to live with your truth, ghosting is not for you. More importantly, are you willing to live with the guilt of knowing that you possibly caused irreparable damage to their mental health, emotional well-being and self-esteem? If you are, you know what to do. If not, you might want to find an alternative solution.

Make sure to ask yourself these questions before you ghost someone.

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