Does Your Partner Have One Weird Habit Which You Find Annoying? They Are Probably A Beige Flag!

Find out if your partner is a beige flag or not!
beige flags in relationships

The spectrum of colours to classify a partner in a relationship is getting broader and broader. For starters, you are all aware of the green and red flags that a person can be, right? But we have pink flags, orange flags, and even white, blue, and black flags across this spectrum where you can classify a person based on their personality and traits. Well, it is time to introduce a new colour in this bandwidth of colours which is none other than beige! A new relationship trend has taken over social media where people are talking about what classifies a person as a beige flag, and if you don’t know what it means, here is an explainer on the same.

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What person can be classified as a beige flag?

People who have boring likings or preferences are classified as beige flags. Now what defines boring because you must ask boring is a subjective thing. But no, things that are universally described as boring. This could mean that someone constantly making references to a mainstream show or liking pineapple on their pizza, says a In The Know report.

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How is a person a beige flag in a relationship?

The simplest way to understand a beige flag person is that they are a crossover between a red and a green flag. This means they have traits which are neither outright toxic nor bad nor extremely healthy or socially acceptable ones either. A report states that a beige flag person’s characteristics are not bad but they are surely a little weird.

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Here are some videos of people sharing how they or their friends are beige flags to help you understand the concept better. In one of the videos, a girl shared how she tells her boyfriend the little things like after completing her homework or cleaning her room so that he tells her that he is proud of her.

Another person wrote about their friend how she never texts back because she is engrossed in her own life and minding her own business. Now, not texting back might be a big no-no to someone but for some, it might be acceptable.

Another woman shared how her boyfriend sets timers instead of alarms. Now, this is a quirky trait that most people might deem weird, too.

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In short, a person a beige flag if they do something weird consistently in a relationship or have a peculiar habit which can be borderline annoying but something you can handle. So, did you guess if your partner is a beige flag?

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