Not Just Red Flags, Here’s What These 8 Other Relationship Flag Colours Mean!

The right flag can save you!
Not Just Red Flags, Here’s What These 8 Other Relationship Flag Colours Mean!

You know how every colour has a different meaning? Red stands for love, passion, anger or danger, white stands for peace and purity, yellow for happiness and hope, green for growth and abundance and so on. Each of these colours is important as they symbolize different things. This is why knowing and being able to identify the meaning behind each colour is essential. In the same way, different coloured flags mean different things for a relationship. These coloured flags like red flags or green flags or pink flags indicate different things and help one understand if their relationship is heading towards rocky territory or is just what they need in life. These flags also highlight different issues that one can work on with their partner or they can warn you when it’s time to run for your life! So, here are all the relationship flag colours and what each one means.

Relationship Flag Colours And Their Meaning

Red Flag: Red means danger or stop in this situation. It’s very easy to confuse red flags with love, romance and passion but these warning signs indicate that your partner has severely problematic, manipulative, behaviour and it’s best if you steer clear of them. Red flags are usually dealbreakers and ignoring them never ends well. They’re not very easy to recognise which is what makes them even more dangerous but know that they mean you’re in an unhealthy, toxic relationship.

Pink Flag: Before the red flags appear, pink flags show up to warn couples. Pink flags are gentle warnings that something isn’t right between a couple. It could mean that they have compatibility issues. It warns us of problems that aren’t dealbreakers but are signs that one must proceed with caution. It also means that if you don’t address these issues, it won’t be long before pink turns red!

Beige Flag: This flag has more to do with a person’s dating profile with the new age digital dating trend. A beige flag means that a person might be boring because they have failed to put much effort into making their dating profile look good. This may vary from person to person but essentially, it could be little things like using the same old lines, putting multiple pictures with their pet or their friends or making small talk and using the most basic terms to compliment you. This may not mean that the person is bad but it could hint at incompatibility.

Orange Flag: It indicates relationship problems that need to be worked on. Orange flags are serious problems that need to be acknowledged and worked upon provided you and your partner are willing to negotiate, but these problems aren’t dealbreakers like red flags. These problems often have a lot to do with power and control-related issues.

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Yellow Flag: Yellow flag is the warning sign of a problem that may not be very serious on the surface but it is something to be cautious about and it may hint at a bigger underlying problem. It refers to issues that might be hiding in plain sight. Yellow flags usually deal with problems wherein a couple has different tastes and habits which can make it tough for them to enjoy each other’s company and meet in the middle. It could range from something as simple as different tastes in music or food but it’s very easy for the lines to get blurred and make it tough for the two people to be together. This means it’s time to renegotiate your relationship and find common ground.

White Flag: Unlike the other flags, this one is a good one. A white flag is when your partner lets their guard down and feels comfortable enough to show vulnerability. It’s making little changes and sacrifices to make things work instead of fighting anything and everything. White flags can be little acts of love and comfort aimed at building a healthy and strong relationship.

Blue Flag: This one refers to warning signs that your relationship is ending and that your partner might be protecting themselves from you as they slowly emotionally distance themself. It could also mean that your partner is seeking emotional support from someone outside of your relationship, it could also be emotional infidelity. These warning signs can range from simple things like being protective of their phone to blaming you for cheating on them.

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Black Flag: Much like the colour, this flag also has a dark meaning. A black flag refers to when your partner violates a boundary established by you or disregards consent. This one hints that your relationship has officially come to an end and it’s time to walk away for your self-respect and safety. Never give second chances to someone who violates your boundaries or disregards consent. That’s way beyond a dealbreaker.

Green Flag: These aren’t warning signs but rather signs that everything is going well in your relationship and that your partner is actually a good person and a perfect fit. Green flags, essentially, indicate that your bond with your partner has potential and can grow further into a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

So, keep an eye out for these other relationship flags apart from red flags!

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