From Female Friendships To Career, Women On Reddit Lists 5 Things They Prefer Over Relationships!

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From Female Friendships To Career, Women On Reddit Lists 5 Things They Prefer Over Relationships!

The value of emotions, romance and love between two individuals is somewhat perishing in today’s time. It has become so difficult to find a partner who is understanding and respects emotions over anything else. People are so broken after failed relationships that they are making firm decisions not to go into one again. I recently came across a Reddit Thread in which a woman shared why she would never come into a relationship and instead would focus on other things. Many other Redditors added to this list of things that they would prefer over relationships.

The 24-year-old Reddit user shared the story of her bad relationship in which she got no respect or love but instead received negativity, gaslighting and betrayal throughout. The relationship affected the woman to the extent that she promised herself to not trust another man again. Many women related to this experience and listed things that they would do instead of having a relationship. Here’s the list-

I never want to be in a relationship.
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Female Friendships

As we are growing old, we are realising the importance of female friendships more. Most of the women on Reddit believed that female friendships provide more comfort, happiness and understanding than a relationship with the opposite gender. Well, where’s the lie?

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Redditors also wrote that in the 20’s careers should always be prioritised over relationships because the former boosts confidence and gives a sense of independence and responsibility. This is honestly some good advice!

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Pursuing Hobbies!

There’s a time in your 20s when it becomes so overwhelming to see everyone around in happy relationships or getting married that self-doubt starts to creep in. However, instead of allowing that to happen, it’s always better to invest the time in pursuing hobbies that will also make you happy.

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Find A Therapist

Somebody also wrote that it’s better to avoid relationships in the ’20s and rather have a therapist fix all the trauma that makes a woman mature enough to find the right partner. Quite a perspective.

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Well, instead of giving everything in a relationship that has nothing to offer in return, self-love and growth should always be a better preference for a woman.

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What are your thoughts on this?

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