Shriya Saran Says A Kiss Can Heal Your Bad Day, Here Are 5 Other Ways A Kiss From Your Boo Can Fix You!

Shriya Saran Says A Kiss Can Heal Your Bad Day, Here Are 5 Other Ways A Kiss From Your Boo Can Fix You!

Kisses are an act of love, that helps exhibit our love for special ones. And during the Valentine’s Week, we are celebrating Kiss Day today. Celebrated every year on February 13, this special day is a sign for couples to take a step forward and express their love with a kiss. Speaking about her display of affection with husband Andrei, actress Shriya Saran finally revealed the importance of kisses on Kiss Day. 


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In a conversation with Hindustan Times, the actress mentioned how many people are not comfortable kissing on camera, but to her and her partner Andrei, it is the most special expression of love. Speaking further about her signature pose with husband Andrei at events, where they are often seen locking lips for paparazzi pictures, Saran revealed the benefits of kissing. According to her, a kiss from a loved one can help heal a bad day, or low mood or even help resolve a fight. So, if you’re looking for more reasons to kiss your partner, we have ample numbers for you to do so. 


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Improves Oral Health 

Surprisingly, kissing helps improve the flow of saliva, containing bacteria and fungi, the movement of which helps in cleansing the mouth. A passionate kiss will help improve saliva flow, and finally keep your oral health intact. 

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The first and foremost step to getting into the mood is doing the foreplay right. Make sure to not have dry sex, with a passionate kiss, fuelling your foreplay game. A good kiss can turn you on in minutes, resulting in great sex. 

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Improves Metabolism 

Kissing is known to burn kilojoules, and the more passionately you kiss, the more it helps in metabolic boost. So, if you wish to burn some calories, take your kissing game seriously. 

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Excellent Work for your face

Did you know kissing can be the best yoga for your face? The act of kissing helps tighten and tone your facial muscles, keeping a check on your neck postures as well. 

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Building Emotional Bonds 

Kissing releases oxytocin and dopamine, AKA “love hormones,” that help you build a connection with someone. A good kiss can help boost emotional connection, making it easy for you to build that bond with your partner from scratch. 

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