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Jennifer Aniston Got Asked If She Will Get Married, Once Again. Why Is The Media So Obsessed With Her Finding A Man?

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Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful woman, who at the age of 52, is more fit than most women in their 20s. Her net worth is $240 million and she is one of the most popular faces in the history of global entertainment. Aniston played the iconic character of Rachel in Friends, a show that transcends time and geographical boundaries; it doesn’t fail to be therapeutic even today, decades later. And yet, for years, what media is most interested in is will she tie a knot and get married to a man.

Recently, in an interview with People magazine, she got asked once again – if marriage is on the cards for her. “Oh God, I don’t know. It’s not on my radar. I’m interested in finding a fantastic partner and just living an enjoyable life and having fun with one another. That’s all we should hope for. It doesn’t have to be etched in stone in legal documents,” she revealed.

Jennifer Aniston added that she is focusing on her work, “I’m in a really peaceful place. I have a job that I love, I have people in my life who are everything to me, and I have beautiful dogs. I’m just a very fortunate and blessed human being.”

She has achieved so much in life and is probably the most loved actor on Friends. Yet, the media will never give two hoots about that and be more interested in if the ‘poor Jen’ can “keep a man”.


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When she got divorced with Brad Pitt, the media started sympathising with her. Then she got separated from Justin Theroux and once again, the media loved trying to portray her as the single, lonely woman in her 30s who is just ending up alone, after every relationship. They set her up as a warning to young women to stay in long-expired relationships and settle for less, because otherwise they’d end up alone, like ‘poor Jen’.

But here she is glowing and being content with herself and we can totally relate to the constant questions on her finding a man. When Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston started getting closer, several fans of the ex-couple hoped — and are still hoping — they’d get back together. But it seems like they forgot he said in an earlier interview, “[Before] I wasn’t living an interesting life myself. I think that my marriage [to Aniston] had something to do with it.”


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Erm, no, she does deserve better. And maybe it’s time, people stop pestering single women about finding a man. Let Jennifer Aniston be!

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