Is Online Dating On Its Way Out? We Ask 10 People


Lately, we’ve come across quite a few people who’ve sworn off online dating. The common sentiment is that it’s a waste of time, and doesn’t get you anywhere. But, wait. In our digital world, and hectic, cliquey lives, how else are we to meet people?

This slow fade on online dating apps left us scratching our heads, so we asked a few noble folks if this disillusionment was an exception, or is online dating really on its way out? This is what they told us.

Melbin, 34
Well, regular dating is kinda dead. So, if not for online dating, what are we left with?

Parul, 30
(In light of the 377 verdict) Maybe Grindr will now become the number 1 app.

Aparna, 23
Hell yes, it’s on its way out! I do it the authentic way now. I’ve been on a lot of Tinder dates, and some of them were crazy! But yes, bored of online dating, and done taking chances online. It takes effort, but if a person is right there in front of you, you know how he looks, you see him, you know if it’s your vibe or isn’t.

Rohan, 27
I think dating apps may be on their way out. But, not online dating. It can’t be. Everything is online now. Actually, Instagram is the new Tinder. I know a few people who recently met someone on IG.

Gregory, 29
No, it’s not. In fact, I think it’s a good ice-breaker. Also cuts the monotony and hazards of being introduced to your friend’s recommendations. You take the onus of whom you wish to know and date.

Dhaval, 33
Nope, it’s here to stay! The generation of instant gratification, everything online, you are behind the mask of the internet before you even meet the person! Why would it be making an exit? What could go wrong? Alter egos are born online now! You can be adventurous and love to take long walks just by sitting in the comfort of your home! You don’t like the way a person looks… on to the next one! So many options, so many choices! It’s a supermarket!

Mohit, 28
I don’t think it’s dead. I think we’re in the infancy of modern technology and modern communication. It’s far easier now to do everything at home, so why the f*#% would anybody want to go out? People don’t put themselves out there as much, because it’s far easier to be secure behind a screen.

Aditi, 22
I have online dated… a rather amazing experience! Though I’m not on dating apps anymore. In fact, I did not use dating apps. I just met someone online, and dated him.

Prerna, 23
Most of my friends and I stopped using dating apps because we didn’t have time after college got over. Online dating is time consuming. Besides, it’s the same old routine. Swipe. Introduce. Try to make the chat interesting. Get the number. Go on a date. The date is same as usual. Good food, drinks, the usual day-to-day talks and result? You don’t find ‘the one,’ or someone to cosy up with. Also, I think online dating is on its way out because people judge each other way too much. And there are too many horror stories – ghosting, scams, date rapes, cat fishing and whatnot!

Aryan, 21
It is, and I think it should get out! You can’t know a person the way you can when you are with them, when you see them, when you observe them and their habits, their behaviour, their friends.

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