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Indian Reddit Users Give Their Opinion On Marriage Free And Child-Free Life And The Answers Make So Much Sense!

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I’m just about to enter my mid-twenties and I’m dreading it. Why? Well, because my mom and relatives have started talking about “settling down” and getting married. And honestly, I don’t think I’m ready for it yet. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t believe that you can only “settle down” when you are married or have kids. For me, settling down means being stable – health-wise, financially, emotionally, mentally, etc. But that’s not what most of the older generations believe. Which is why there is constant pressure on people who are in their mid-twenties to get married and married people in their mid-thirties to have children – especially in India. But there are many Indians who stray away from this line of thought. So, it wasn’t a surprise that this group of Indians on Reddit came out and expressed their opinions on marriage-free and child-free life. And trust me the answers made so much sense!

Recently a Reddit user named u/wokeprince2020 asked Indian Redditors about their opinion on marriage-free and child-free life and the answers, like always, make a whole lot of sense. The answers were so damn relatable – especially for those who don’t want to settle down or have a child. 

What are your thoughts on marriage free and child free life? from india

Some of the answers spoke about how happy they were by themselves and didn’t feel the need to get married or start a family, some believed that people should have something they can tie themselves to and it need not be a person, and some were practical in their thinking of how every decision needs to be assessed before drawing to a conclusion. Out of the many answers I came across, here is a compilation of some of my personal favourite Reddit answers:

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Settling down is a choice and pressuring someone to get married and have kids is not the way to go. Let people make their own choices and deal with the decisions. Trust me that way everyone is going to stay happy for much longer.

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