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Here’s Why Your Head Tilts To The Right When You Kiss

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There are scientists doing research on many, many things. Like what food is good for health. How, potentially, the same food is bad for your health. But other scientists have more engaging pursuits, like these Associate Professors – Sebastian Ocklenburg and Julian Packheiser – from the Department of Biopsychology from Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany. These guys have been involved in understanding why our head tilts to the right when we kiss. And no, it’s not only so that our noses don’t collide.

The researchers say, “In general, the population at large has a preference of tilting the head to the right when kissing, to initiate a hug with the right hand, and to cradle a baby in the left arm.”

”With regard to kissing and hugging, the assumption is that people have a dominant hand which they use to initiate the motion. According to the theory, the dominant hand is kept unoccupied when cradling a child so that it can be used to perform other tasks.”

Let me break that down for you. While for most tasks, your ‘handedness’ comes into play, emotional context is also important. So, when it’s a kiss or a hug, the right hemisphere of the brain comes into action and this leads to tilting your head to the right. At this point, even if you are left-handed, you will still tilt your head to the right.

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