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Here’s How Emotional A Bride You Will Be, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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I don’t know what exactly is it about getting married that makes us so emotional. There’s so much anxiety around your wedding that most of us freak out at the mere mention of marriage. Is it because you’re leaving the house where you’ve lived since forever? Is it because you won’t get to live with your family? Is it the uncertainty, the fear of the unknown since you don’t know what lies ahead? I feel it’s a mix of all of these things. Whatever it is, the fear is real. And although marriage is a distant dream on the horizon right now, I imagine it’s how you’d feel right before sky-diving. Or worse. Add to that the crazy mix of feelings, and tears just flow! But not all brides are cry-babies. Some are really cool and keep calm like a pro. Find out what kind of emotional bride you will be, according to your zodiac sign.


Even though you have an entourage of people handling your wedding, your leadership skills won’t let you rest unless you look into the details by yourself. And while you’re a softie at heart, sobbing is not something you like to do openly. You will keep a strong and happy front, and once you’re in the car after the vidai, waterworks will begin. But you’ll have your hubby darling to hold your hand and make it all go away.


You’re not someone who likes to show vulnerability. Plus you will be so busy being a goofy bride and making awkward jokes, the vibe of your wedding will be rather fun than emotional. But deep down, behind that humour, your heart is still trying to absorb the events that have just unfolded!


You’ve lived your life being the soul of every party. Your quirks are hard to ignore. Your conversations are engaging and hilarious. So you walk into your wedding, confident that you will be the cool bride they talk about. The kind that doesn’t break down and enjoys her D-day to the core. And yes, you are that bride, for most of your wedding. And then you start weeping uncontrollably; you have a dual personality after all!


You know you’re gonna cry your eyes out and so does everyone else in your entourage. You weep and weep, while your groom wonders why it looks like you’re being forced into marriage. It’s just you, emotional and sentimental, revisiting all the tiny memories you made in your maternal home. It’s better if you invest in heavy-duty waterproof makeup!


There’s something so raw and perfect about you when you become a bride. You’re expressive and find no need to contain all your emotions inside of you. Which is why, you not just feel a lot of emotions but also express them. You will tell your people how exactly you feel and probably even prepare a speech. Because all those feelings are just love, and love is meant to be expressed!


People born under the zodiac sign of Virgo are a good mix of sentimentality and practicality. You tend to be prepared for almost all things! So on your wedding day, you know that you’re going to be so emotional and if you cry, it will ruin all your pictures. Which is why, you have a plan of action ready. You will keep a calm smile on at all times, when inside all you want to do is hug your people and cry! In fact, you’ll probably be the one consoling your family members, like always.


You’re a traditionalist and every single step in your shaadi gets you all brimming with emotions. It’s like you’re watching the entire wedding in slo-mo, absorbing the meaning of every ritual. But you handle your feelings with so much grace. It’s how John Legend puts it, “Even when you’re crying, you’re beautiful too.”


You’re bold and fierce, but also passionately emotional. Which means you feel so much at the same time that there are hardly any moments when you’re not crying during your wedding. You cry during every single ceremony – even those that are meant to be cheerful and celebratory. People may be dancing at your sangeet and there you are, shedding tears. You’re having your first dinner as husband and wife, and there you are, tearing up like someone stole your dessert. In your head, there’s so much going on and you’re really not the best at keeping things in.


While you’re really indecisive in life and possibly zeroed in on an outfit last moment, you made up your mind on one thing beforehand. You said to yourself that you’re gonna be the bride who lets her hair down and enjoys every bit of her wedding. The only tears you get is from laughing your ass off!


You’re a dream at your wedding. You’re calm, composed and enjoying all the traditions. In fact, you make everyone feel like it’s as much about them as it is about you. So it is one big party and people are just happy because you’re getting marrieeeeeed!


Generally, you’re all cool and fun. But we know how senti one can get at weddings. So everyone places their bet on you being the tough, fun bride. But you end up being a weepy kind. One night before the wedding, you’re probably getting all anxious and isolating yourself from everyone …and thinking! You are moving away from your family and hoping that you’re taking the right call. And then cry so much that you have a bridesmaid assigned just to hand you out tissues.

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It’s not like you’re not emotional for leaving your house. But you’re mighty excited to live your fairytale life with bae that it’s overshadowing everything else. You’re too busy being a dreamy bride and only thinking of the good parts. So you’re sentimental, but you’re smiling from ear to ear, while also being teary-eyed! Awws x infinity!

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