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Foods That Will Help You Maintain Your Vaginal Health

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When we’re young and drinking straight out of a bottle of vodka, throwing up on the sidewalk, and having chips for lunch, we take our bodies for granted. We don’t care about nutrition (let alone vaginal health) and look at salad like it’s an inedible thing, you know like cardboard. We load up on empty calories and grease because unfortunately, we are so addicted to junk. But as we grow up, we begin to value our bodies even more. We stop underestimating proteins and vitamins, and try to figure how we can prevent our health from collapsing.

But here’s the thing. No matter how simple it sounds, having a nourishing diet can change a lot. A friend of mine has suffered from psoriasis for the past decade or so but no medicines could bring much relief. During the lockdown, she religiously followed the diet that helps psoriasis and for the first time, she has seen such significant improvement. These may sound similar to dadi maa ke nuskhes but they help! No oil will reduce hair fall as much as having amla juice daily will.

So when it comes to vaginal health, must we be so negligent? How often do we even think about whether everything is good down there? Oh, we care so much about having foods that will give us glowing skin, good heart health but what about your vaginal health? Here are foods you can consume to make your vagina healthy and happy.

  • Cranberries

Cranberries are loaded with acidic compounds that help prevent and cure urinary tract infections. They can fight off bad bacteria and maintain vaginal health. This is a magic potion and if having the fruit isn’t feasible for you, opt for cranberry juice but without preservatives. We all know a UTI is painful.

  • Probiotics

It can balance your vagina’s pH levels making it less acidic. Have yogurt with active cultures or probiotics since your vagina needs these good bacteria too! Pickles and kefir will also give you these but yogurt and probiotic drinks are easier to find.

  • Garlic

Filled with antimicrobial properties, consuming raw garlic is known to protect your vagina against yeast infections. You can include these in your lentils and vegetables if having a raw piece of garlic isn’t your thing.

  • Sweet potatoes

High in vitamin A, sweet potatoes keep your uterine walls healthy and balance your hormonal production. This in turn boosts your energy levels and keeps you active.

  • Soy

If you ever find it difficult to get wet, maybe your diet is lacking soy. The power food is rich in phytoestrogens that helps your vagina remain lubricated. You can also go for tofu for the same reason.

  • Avocados and Apples

Again, these too help with lubrication and hydration of your vagina. A dry vagina can hurt, especially during sex. Even consuming enough water is important so your vaginal health doesn’t get parched.

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These foods can help improve your vaginal health and sex life! Hot chilies contain capsaicin, which stimulates nerve endings and we all know important those are for our orgasms! Dark chocolate on the other hand is a rich source of antioxidants that improves your sex drive.  According to Bon Appétit, “Chocolate is also rich in magnesium (which soothes nerves), methylxanthines (boosts libido) and phenylalanine, an amino acid that produces dopamine (the feel-good chemical).”

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