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What Is Sleep Divorce? Here’s How It Can Save Your Relationship!

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Do you ever feel like it would be a great idea to get some distance from the one you love? You know, some time to rejuvenate in your own company or perhaps, to sleep with peace, taking the entire bed to yourself. Sounds luxurious, huh? Valuing and spending some personal time is essential for everyone and honestly, it should totally remain that way. Alas, this is vigorously looked down upon and not a lot of people talk about it. I mean, we all have days when we want something as simple as being in bed by 10 pm with the AC on full blast but if your partner is a night owl or maybe he or she wants the fan on, it can lead to a conflict, right? What do you do in such a situation? Well, sleep divorce may just be what you’re looking for.

Sleep divorce is an arrangement that can literally be the saving grace for your relationship. Are you wondering what this special arrangement really is and if it really works? Let’s answer these questions!

What Is Sleep Divorce?

Sleep divorce is a special arrangement between a couple that stays together, wherein they spend the most time together but choose to sleep separately from each other. So, they either sleep in separate beds, in separate rooms, or at separate times. While this may sound extreme or perhaps not ideal for your sex life, it does the opposite. For many couples, this can help save a relationship.

Can’t digest this equation? You see, the basic principles of sleep hygiene are very simple. It’s essential to understand that you need to eliminate all distractions, optimize comfort, strive for consistency and find the best positions to sleep most peacefully. So, where does sleeping next to another person, someone who might have their own disruptive sleep issues and inconsistencies, factor into that equation?

Yep, It simply doesn’t fit in most cases and this is what leads to sleepless nights full of discomfort, annoyance, fights and aggression towards your partner. After all, not everyone is a cuddle-bug, huh?

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But, Can Sleep Divorces Really Help Couples?

The short and simple answer according to me, is yes. I’ll tell you straight up that I believe that all of us would sleep better if we slept without a partner. You are the king of your own bedroom and bed in these cases and can adjust the environment to meet your needs. There are many different sleeping disorders and factors that can affect our partner’s or our sleep.

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Sleeping disorders and disturbances like snoring, insomnia, disturbed sleep, different sleep cycle and time as well as the habit of getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, tossing and turning, or just having unrestful sleep, can all affect you or your partner’s sleep as well as your relationship. Plus we all know that there are light sleepers and then there are those who can sleep like a baby. All of this can affect couples when they share a bedroom. So basically, we can affect our partner, and our partner can affect us. But sleeping alone? It gives you the much-needed space where you can relax just perfectly and feel like the best and most well-rested version of yourself. This gives you the chance to be happy and real with your partner when you’re awake and together.

A woman recently posted about her experience on Twitter and this has started a thread where people have been talking about sleep divorces and their effects. These personal experiences are very diverse and they might actually help you make up your mind about this practice.

So, at the end of the day, It isn’t necessary to stick with each other all the damn time and well, it can be pretty restrictive too but hey, you must do what works for you. it’s very essential to celebrate the fact that you and your partner were lucky enough to meet each other in this lifetime. So, choose your own ideals, make your own traditions, and be unapologetic while practising whatever works for you and your partner. You and your relationship deserve it. Psst…you don’t always have to cuddle and sleep like the couples on television!

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