Can You Have Sex With A UTI? 7 Things You Must Know Before You Do It!

Is it really safe?

We drink water when we’re thirsty and we eat food when we’re hungry and in the same way, sex is just another bodily need that we must satisfy when we’re aroused. But we can’t always satisfy this need, can we now? More so when we’re struggling with health concerns like UTIs! Experts suggest it’s best to avoid engaging in sexual intercourse until you’re free of symptoms and your course of treatment is over. But the heart wants what it wants, no? This is why it’s essential to be careful if you’re slipping back into the sheets.

But What Is A UTI?

UTI is a urinary tract infection. This happens when bacteria enter the urinary system i.e., the urethra, bladder and kidneys. The most common symptoms are the constant urge to pee, a burning sensation or pain while urinating, and pelvic pain or tenderness and irritation. And while there is no blanket rule stopping one from having sex while dealing with a UTI, sexual activity can make things worse. So, before you get frisky with your partner, here are some things you must keep in mind.

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Things You Must Know Before Having Sex With A UTI

1. It Can Worsen Symptoms

UTIs tend to irritate the sensitive tissue in your urinary tract which causes all your symptoms. Sexual activity while dealing with a UTI can worsen these symptoms as it irritates the tissues further. Moreover, it can also increase complications.

2. It Can Increase Your Recovery Time

Having sex at a time when you have a UTI can push the bacteria further into your body which in turn might introduce more bacteria to your body and increase your recovery time or even infect you again while you might be on the verge of healing.

3. You Can Infect Your Partner

Women are known to be more susceptible to UTIs as their urethra is shorter than men’s. However, having sex with a UTI can put your partner at risk of developing a urinary tract infection as well. Even though it isn’t contagious, you can still pass it on to your partner.

4. UTI Could Be A Symptom Of STI!

UTI isn’t a communicable condition but STIs are. It’s common to confuse UTIs and STIs because of the common symptoms. But did you know that UTI can also be a side effect of an STI like chlamydia or trichomoniasis? Yes, and if you have an STI you could pass it to your partner.

5. Don’t Mix Sex And Food

UTIs can irritate the urinary tract and to mix food items and get kinky in bed at a time like this might not be good for your body. Stay away from mixing food with sex, especially items with sugar like chocolate or whipped cream.\

6. Keep Sex Clean!

In case you still want to have sex with a UTI, it’s best to keep it clean by urinating before and after sex to prevent further problems. Remember to not hold your urge to pee even if it means taking a break from sex to urinate. And remember to clean front to back after having sex. Even in the middle of sex, remember to clean up before you switch from anal sex to vaginal sex. Ask your partner to clean their penis or their finger before they swap orifices.

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7. Stay Away From Oral Sex

The one most important thing to remember while having sex while you have a UTI is to avoid oral sex altogether. Do not ask your partner for oral sex unless they have a dental dam to use while doing it. Oral sex can cause the bacteria to spread to the mouth and cause a secondary infection.

FYI, sex can be painful while you have a UTI so, feel free to take your own sweet time and find a comfortable position to do the deed!

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