Can Nudes Genuinely Contribute Towards Developing Self-Love?


We live in the era of sexting and phone sex which is why nudes have become such a normal part of our lives. This is probably why we’ve normalised receiving and sending nudes. But, let’s look back at the first time when we decided to take a nude picture of ourselves. Do you remember the intense and awful feeling that you had to go through?

When I look back to the first time I decided to strip down and take a nude picture of myself for someone, I remember the weird chill that went up and down my spine the moment I stepped in front of the mirror. There was a huge wave of dislike that washed over me at that moment. First, I tried to cover myself up but then, I half-assedly decided to do it and it took me like 50 retakes to get a picture that I thought was simply mediocre.

So, does this happen to all of us? Do we really ride through a wave of self-hate that is so strong and why does this occur?

Why Does This Wave Of Self-Hate Occur?

I honestly believe it’s the fact that we feel so uncomfortable because we somewhere, began believing the stuff that we’ve heard when we were victimized, throughout all our lives.  You see, we all want to feel good in our skin but unfortunately, this is only possible for some of us. Alas, only 29% of women say they have a positive relationship with their bodies.  Furthermore, only 30% feel like their body is alright the way it is. While others desperately wish to change something or the other about themselves and their bodies.

Even with quite a lot of references being made to nudity in modern literature, art and entertainment, some level of discomfort relating to being naked lasts in our society. Painfully enough, this is quite often true for some body types than others. These standards of having the ‘perfect body’ have been imposed on us and we have been brainwashed by society to the point that we start hopping through hoops to fit in these ‘perfect’ boxes created by society as a whole.

But this feeling only seems to come out in front of the mirror, when you’re looking at yourself naked. So, if being naked in front of ourselves and taking a nude can bring this feeling out, it could perhaps, help us fall back in love with ourselves. But, how can we make this happen?

Can Nudes Help Us Fall Back In Love With Ourselves?

Yes, they can. There are a lot of ways nudes can help us fall back in love with ourselves and here is the process to make sure it happens:

1. The Moment Of Vulnerability

When we’re naked in front of the mirror. It is a true moment of vulnerability where we see ourselves for who we are, with all our body’s perfections as well as imperfections. This is a point where we can be honest with ourselves and look ourselves in the eyes. Where we can accept the fact that we’re feeling a wave of intense feelings.  What makes you uncomfortable? is it the stretch marks? Take a picture of those marks, and continue doing this with every part that gives you discomfort. Capture the truth.

2. Let’s Expand On The Truth

After the truth comes to the surface, work on expanding on the reasons behind it. A simple example would be, if you think your stretch marks make you uncomfortable, look at the pictures you took and try to find out what it is about these marks that make you feel uncomfortable. The more you experiment, the easier it gets.

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3. A Click Towards Self-Acceptance

After you find out these truths and try to figure out the reasons behind them, then comes the self-acceptance factor. Try to find some new and different poses online and then, try to recreate them and take a picture. It’s time to accept yourself and bring the sexy out. Let’s get wild with these pictures.

4. Share The Sexiness, Love

If you’re seeing someone, share these pictures with your loved one and let them tell you how amazing you look. The compliments help you get a step closer to loving yourself. Whoever said, “If you can’t love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to love you,” was a total idiot. Let your partner love you for being who you are. It can help, a lot.


It’s about time that we shatter these ‘perfect’ notions imposed on us by society and make room for some self-acceptance, self-esteem and a lot of love. It’s time to make sure that the next time you strip in front of that mirror, you are full of confidence and smile as you bring your camera up and click the sexiest nude ever. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

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