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7 Signs He Is Being Nice Just To Get Into Your Pants

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I am a millennial, and often, I can’t relate to my own generation. But I guess that’s many of us. I’d like to say there are two types of millennials – one, like me, who’d prefer books over e-books, want cuddles even in casual sex, and probably like Kareena Kapoor more than Kendall Jenner. The other kind is more in tune with pop culture, internet trends and breathe social media like it’s oxygen. I, honestly, find it hard to keep up with the dating trends that keep surfacing, the deteriorating dating pool, the ever-elevating commitment phobia, and all that. But I guess we are all aware of men wanting to get into your pants.

So when I came across this term called simping, I delved deeper into what it meant. It was born out of the word ‘simpleton’ meaning silly. It was being used for guys who are extra nice to women because they expect sexual gratification in return. However, it became a gendered slur because well, eventually everything does. It’s now short for ‘Suckers Idealising Mediocre Pussy’ thanks to pathetic TikTok trends. And of course, now it’s casually thrown around!

Anyway, that got me thinking; I may not be fond of that term but there are “nice guys” who think you owe them sex. They have no game. Their only game plan is to sweet talk you into sex instead of letting things being organic.

But how do we know if a guy is genuinely nice or if he is just making it look like he cares so you can satiate his carnal desires. Here are signs that say he is being nice to you just to get into your pants.

  1. He only wants to meet you over drinks

When you have vodka in your system, he seems to get cuter. Your inhibitions are out of the window and there’s no doubt, alcohol makes us horny. A guy who genuinely likes you would like to have sober conversations with you, not just those that you forget the next day.

  1. No date is complete without him trying to unlock another sexual level

You may be attracted to him but he seems to be pursuing you sexually, with the kind of dedication your parents expected during your board exams. He creates perfect scenarios – dropping you home and running his hand on your thighs, kissing you in the cab, even when you’re not comfortable with the PDA. He pushes it, without giving you the time to think if you really want to go that far.

  1. The only compliments you get are on your looks

Okay, you find me pretty, thanks. But if you are completely blind to my personality, intelligence, heart, and soul – what are you in it for? Of course, genuine compliments are welcome but his focus lies on your appearance and not what’s within.

  1. He gets aloof and has an excuse all ready for letting him “make it up” to you

The thing is, a man who is nice to you, just for sex cannot be consistent at it. He will be way too nice, take you out, make out, and then suddenly he is too busy. And when horniness strikes, he is back to being nice again. He will tell you how sorry he is, how he missed you, how he was going through shit, etc. And then, to make up for it, he takes you out again and enjoys another night of fun. It’s a win-win for him.

  1. He never disagrees with you

No two humans can agree on everything! But he seems to be not interested in debating, or pointing out where you’re wrong, or even giving you good advice. He will be a good listener and then be like, ‘Oh, you’re absolutely right!’ You need to be invested in a person to really bother disagreeing with them. Plus, he wants to get into your pants and not risk that!

  1. He oversells your “connection”

Things are moving too fast and he claims that he has never connected with anyone this way before. He says you’re special, you matter, and he cares too much. He tells you within a very short span of time, he is really attracted to you. And he claims that you too are really into it. But you’re just wondering, “Am I?” He wants to make it look like you are close, so he can get into your pants without offering any emotional investment or real flirting game.

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  1. But hides you like Coca Cola hides its secret formula

If you have such a wonderful connection, things should move forward in all departments. And yet, you feel you are stuck at the same spot, emotionally and socially. Meanwhile, sexually, he is a fast and rash driver! If he hides you, he isn’t looking to date you. He just wants to get into your pants!

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