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6 Things Women Worry About During Sex That Men Don’t Even Notice

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Sex is supposed to be fun. I say ‘supposed’ because in what is supposed to be a no-worry, uninhibited act often becomes the cause of stress for women. Everything from bodily functions to smells, movements etc start to play on our mind and what could have been a steamy, hot sesh ends up being an act in dimmed lights and with zero confidence. When you’re conscious about things, your focus is diverted from letting your hair down. But true intimacy needs both of you to be in the moment, fully enjoying it. As you guys get closer, you will realise that most of the times the things you are feeling insecure about don’t even matter to him. Here are 5 common things women worry about during sex.

I have love handles

It’s not like you shrink 2 sizes when dressed fully (Though you wish you did!). He knows you’re not skinny. He knows you have cellulite and he is attracted to you, your love handles, quirks and everything included! And how’s that even bad? There’s more inches of you he can make love to!

Why didn’t I wear my sexy lingerie today?

An unplanned make-out session can mean that you’re in a set of mismatched, worn-out basic lingerie! Listen, don’t sweat it.  Your lingerie makes for a 30-second show until your bra is unhooked. Most guys are going to be so focused on everything that is on display that your lingerie worry is just something in your head. And it should be no reason to make you feel un-sexy!

My boobs aren’t big enough

Since when did it become a who-has-the-biggest-boobs contest? There are various shapes and sizes. And tits are tits, there’s nothing not sexy about them. Real men pay more attention to your moves than your boobs. Get over it!

Will he think I do this a lot?

Most women feel being very confident and bold in bed will make them seem *too experienced*. You know, like you’ve been around the block. Oh come on! Confidence is sexy. Understanding your body is sexy. If he wants to question how promiscuous you’ve been because you’re good in bed, he can go f**k himself!

My hair’s starting to grow back

Worried about tiny hair growing back on your inner thighs? Or that stray hair around your nip? Let me break this to you, during sex, there are far better things he is focusing on. He doesn’t care about your hair.

I hope I smell fresh down there

Now, that’s something to keep in mind. To avoid stressing about it during the sex, get it out of the way, beforehand. Wash your lady parts before sex, so you’re confident and he doesn’t have to hold his breath while he is down there.


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