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5 Zodiac Signs That Are Most Adventurous In Bed

February 21, 2020 | by Akanksha Narang

When we have sex, we like to make the most of it. We want our foreplay, our orgasms, our cuddles – everything! So we try, fail and try again until we find what really floats our boat. And then, we stick to it, like the song we’ve been listening to on repeat. But like that song, you get bored of the same old pattern sooner or later. Some of us, thankfully, are experimental and adventurous in bed. And before we get stuck in a rut, we are already trying a new sex game to stir things up.

These are the people who don’t need two weeks’ notice to plan a sexy night and spontaneity allows them to be on top of their chaotic sex games. But that’s where the thrill lies, right?  Did you know that some zodiac signs are naturally blessed with this adventurous streak? Well, if you belong to one of these signs, then your sex life will never be boring. If not, it’s time you evolve too. Life’s too short for sex to not be fun.



You’re not up for sex that is even remotely vanilla. If people think all that extra time you spend exercising is for your heart health and getting slimmer, they are wrong. You want to be fit so you can do your adventurous activities, your favourite being sex. You’re up for anything – even the sex positions that look like you’re performing somersaults.


You’re playful and vibrant, which makes you love novelty. That means, the moment monotony starts to seep into the bedroom, it kills your libido. You like trying out new moves and you will not shy away from taking up a new role play game if it stimulates your fun side.


Your sex life is like the deep dark web, where anything and everything is possible. Sex is never short of passion with you, and nothing is off-limits. If someone wants to share the bed with you, they better be ready to handcuffed and spanked, while you dress like a seductive dominatrix. If they are not experimental or open to explore forbidden concepts, you wouldn’t mind ditching them for another.


Your adventurousness comes from your spontaneity. You may be out dancing with your friends and bae one moment, and the next moment you’d be at home with him, making out. Shower sex? Sex on a rocking chair? You’ve tried at so many spots with him! In fact, if you could you would have sex in every country. Ooo…that’s your lust for travel and sex coming together.

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Your love for out-of-the-box things allows you to try out every sex move and position in Kamasutra. If it is physically possible, then why not try it? In fact, you never know when you discover a new sex position altogether. Innovation is the driving force that makes you want to orgasm, differently each time.

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