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5 Ways In Which Vaginismus, A Penetration Disorder, Affects Women’s Mental Health

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Sex is such a natural part of our lives and relationships; it baffles me just how much it can impact how we feel. I mean, I can’t speak for all. Many of us have mastered the art of not taking it seriously but then there are many of us who just can’t do it. I don’t want to have casual sex because I don’t like the anxiety that comes later – and also because, with an emotional connection, I don’t feel aroused enough. But imagine how a person feels when the person they had sex with becomes distant after it? You feel like shit! Similarly, people who have vaginismus, a penetration disorder, sex can have negative feelings attached.

Vaginismus is a disorder that makes penetration painful or uncomfortable. It means that sexual intercourse can become difficult or often not possible. Women who have it are still able to get aroused but unable to indulge in sexual intercourse, not with discomfort. Many feel like their vagina is closing in on their partner’s penis.

All these things not only affect our sex life but also cause harm to our mental wellbeing. Here are 5 ways vaginismus negatively impacts our mental health.


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You feel like you aren’t good enough

Vaginismus can make women feel broken or defective. They feel their sexual performance isn’t good enough and have crippling thoughts about themselves. Many women who have it tend to feel depressed and lose confidence.

You feel frustrated from being unable to feel pleasure

It’s like being left at the peak of pleasure without any release. Not being able to have sex can make you feel frustrated because you have no control over your vaginal contractions in vaginismus. In such cases, foreplay and clitoral stimulation can be used for orgasming.

You feel guilty about not being able to give pleasure to your partner

A lot of women feel guilty and blame themselves for not being able to give their partner the pleasure of sexual intercourse. They feel it’s their fault but it’s not! Again, there are other options including hand stimulation and sex toys.


Your self-concept gets shaken

“Vaginismus may affect women’s perception of their gender roles such as femininity or motherhood. When women could not fulfill “her role as a woman” due to vaginismus, it causes negative self-appraisal and low self-esteem,” reads a research on the disorder. Women may feel disoriented due to vaginismus.

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You may experience higher anxiety

“The general anxiety level about penetration may increase among women with vaginismus because vaginismus may share common predisposing factors with anxiety disorders [28]. The prevalence of depression and anxiety disorders,” the research read. Experts say it’s possible that women who have anxiety around vaginal penetration develop vaginismus and having it, aggravates it even further.

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