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5 Times You Should Say No To Your Partner

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Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries! That’s the one thing that is crucial to making a relationship last, and the one thing that we, women, don’t set enough of. We are taught to be nice always, and pander to the needs of people we love, often at the cost of our own needs! This leads to all sorts of problems, and one of the ways to prevent this, and look out for yourself, is to set healthy boundaries. There are a lot of things involved in doing this, and one of them is saying ‘no’. Yes, it doesn’t always come easy, but here are 5 times you should say ‘no’ to bae.

When_ he_ expects_ you_ to_ put_ your_ work_on_ the_ backburner_and_ prioritise_ him

1. When he expects you to put your work on the backburner, and prioritise him

Of course, it would be unfair to be so involved with your work that you can’t give time to your partner, but if he expects you to put your career on the sidelines without giving much in return, you are well within your rights to say no!

2. When he wants you to do anything at all you are uncomfortable with

Maybe it’s certain friends of his you don’t feel so comfortable around that he wants you to bond with. Maybe it’s keeping your relationship under wraps. Maybe something else… if it makes you uneasy, don’t do it.

When_ he_ wants_ you_ to_ do_ something_ sexual_ that_ you_ are_ uncomfortable_ with

3. When he wants you to do something sexual that you are uncomfortable with

It’s good (and important) to try new things in bed, but if it’s something that just doesn’t excite you or intrigue you, then you should say no.

4. When he speaks rudely, or otherwise disrespects you in any way

Yes, everybody gets annoyed at some point. Your partner will, too. And he will lose his temper. And other things. But, a bad mood and disrespect don’t always have to go together.

When_he_uses_“If you love me, you would do this”_ card

5. When he uses the “If you love me, you would do this” card

No, darling. That’s not how love works. This is emotional manipulation.

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