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5 Things You Should Never Discuss With Your Mom!

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Moms and daughters share a special bond. We get each other like nobody else, and this whole idea of “mom knows everything” takes on a different level when it comes to their baby girls. Maybe, growing up, you were the kind of daughter who told her mom every little thing. But, as adults, one has to start drawing some boundaries! Here are 5 things you should learn to deal with on your own, and not have to go running to your mom for:

1. Every single person you crush on

No matter how cool your mom may be, she hears wedding bells every time you mention that you kinds like somebody. Beware!

2. Every fight you have with your boyfriend

She’s your mom. If someone hurts you, it pisses her off. Of course, if your boyfriend is a prick, and cheats on you or gets abusive with you, then definitely tell your mom so she can personally ruin his life. But, you don’t have to tell her about the small, stupid fights you guys have that he make up for with a peck on the cheeks, and some batting of eyelashes. Remember, if it hurts you, it hurts her even more! And if it is something that is not a deal breaker, then you don’t want your mom to hate on your BF.

3. Or, your best friend

The same logic goes here as well. Your mom may love your best friend, and may even side with her and gang up on you when the three of you hang out, but she’s still your mom. Keep some things private.

4. Every single time someone treats you badly

The thing is, your mom is growing old, too, and she can’t keep fighting for you. At some point, you have to grow up and start treating your mom as a human being. More importantly, you have to become self-reliant and learn to stand up for yourself!

5. Your sex life

I don’t know how often this happens, but I know of a few young women who tell their mom about their sex life because they are “used to telling Mom everything.” No. Please. Stop. Unless of course, you are pregnant, or have an STD or something, and need her help. But, please. Look at it this way: would you want to know about your mom’s sex life?

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