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5 Signs You’re Finally Getting Over That Toxic Crush Of Yours

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It’s completely okay if I like someone and they don’t like me back. I won’t bad mouth them as a consequence of my bruised ego because really, it’s not their fault. It’s not necessary that when you like someone they will reciprocate your feelings. People like us but we don’t like all of them back and that’s just how things roll. But what really is painful is when they like you back, they go out on dates with you, look at you with love and then simply say they aren’t looking for anything serious. I think guys who lead you on and then back out when they see you getting emotionally involved are absolute trash!

But then there are also guys who warned you beforehand that this won’t go anywhere. Yet, with your gullible heart you kept falling for him, every single time he kissed you. Wait, why are you kissing if it isn’t going anywhere? We should know by now that it’s the perfect recipe for heartbreak. I may think that it’s okay, I will not get attached but I do. How not to when you’re spending so much time with him and he rocks your world every minute of it? And then sooner or later, you just want to stop feeling like you’re not good enough. You want to stop feeling like you’re disposable for someone who means so much to you. You want to stop compromising on your self-esteem.

I hope that you’re finally moving on, considering that you clicked on this article. Even if you don’t check on all 5 signs, fret not because you’re on your way. You’ll get there. Here are 5 signs that you’re moving on from that toxic crush.

1) You miss him but you don’t want him

It’s not like you don’t miss him at all. There are times you sneak a peek into your gallery scouting for your pictures and videos from the moments you spent together. It does stir feelings in your heart but you know now how to brush those aside and get on with your life. You don’t want to fall for him again because last time you did, it didn’t go well.

2) You don’t feel the need to immediately reply to his texts

Do you remember the time when you absolutely had to reply to him as soon as you saw his text? In fact, you used to check your phone so many times a day to see if you got a text from him. But each time you checked, he still didn’t give a fuck and now you don’t. You’re letting it go.

3) You’ve brought him down from the pedestal

You had him up on a pedestal looking at him like he has a dick of gold. He was like Supernatural’s hot angel Castiel and now he’s just Taher Shah claiming to be a farishta that he is not. He is too weak to even love whole-heartedly; he doesn’t deserve you to admire him.

4) You realise that it’s not you, it’s him

It feels like shit when they say they like you but don’t want to date you. Like what do you mean? You wonder what is so wrong with you that they don’t see you as relationship material. After all that self-doubt, you’ve finally realised that you’re just fine. It’s really he who needs to let go of all that damage that’s preventing him from having a normal romantic connection. See, you’re already healing!

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5) If he tries to flirt, he can talk to your hand

Oh for God’s sake, how on earth does he think he can come charm your pants off after breaking your heart? You’re determined to hold your ground and not let temptation make you fall for the look in his eyes and the comfort of his words again. You know well those can be deceptive!

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