5 Ways To Get Over A Break Up So You’re Not Having Lots Of Calories

5 Ways To Get Over A Break Up So You’re Not Having Lots Of Calories

When we breakup, we just want to sit and listen to those songs that make you cry a river. We want to get drunk, make dinner for two and eat it all up! Because if we leave our hearts unsupervised, we’d just be all over the place. Of course you need a little time to mourn, but at some point it has to stop. After a point, your friends will be sick of your drama and after some more time, let’s just say – you will be sick of your own drama too. So buck up queen! The relationship didn’t last for a reason and there’s much more to your life than that. You can become a crybaby, or you can take charge and live your life! The choice shouldn’t be unclear! Here are 5 things you can do when your heart’s broken, but you’re too good for that!

  • Netflix and chill

They say you should be completely at peace, even when alone. Because when we grow older, we are slogging at work, and a lot of our friends are busy handling a very active dating life. The fact is, as much as your friends love you, they are not always available. Sure, spending alone time is good and all that – but when you’re already vulnerable, sitting by yourself at the beach and staring into the horizon is not the smartest thing to do. Netflix is a life-saver in that case. Honestly, when I was all low – instead of seeking someone to fill the void, I just consumed a lot of good content on Netflix and it helped. It kept my mind distracted from the drama we usually build ourselves in our heads.

  • De-clutter your life

When it comes to cleaning and organising, not all of us are as passionate as Monica was in Friends. However, your life will feel a lot cleaner once you get rid of all the mess. And that includes your room, wardrobe, desk and even your social life. All those clothes you’ve not worn in the past year, but are holding on to for just in case? They need to be given away! The people who pop in just to make you feel shitty about yourself? Them first! Marie Kondo isn’t wrong – de-cluttering helps!

  • Let your hair down

All that healing stuff is cool, but sometimes all you need is to let your hair down, put on your best red lipstick on and dance like no one’s watching! If your best friends are as annoying as mine, it will take a bit of effort to co-ordinate and zero in on the night when every one’s available. But having said that, it’s all worth it. Nights when you dance away to crazy 90s numbers such as O O Jaane Jaana are bomb! And the best part comes after it – when you are bingeing on food and having crazy convos with your BFFs. That’s healing!

  • Focus on your self

We all wish we could go around, Netflix and chilling our way out a breakup. But while that helps, it’s not enough. You have to build yourself up and heal your very soul. Carrying your baggage into the next relationship is never cool…unless it’s a Vuitton. So do what helps fix you – get fitter, work on your goals or take therapy!

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  • Spend time with fam and friends

Let’s admit it, when we get into a relationship, we tend to reduce the time we spend with our folks and that’s not cool. Spending time with people who love you and care for you is what healing is made of. I know it’s tempting to withdraw into a shell, listen to sad songs and sulk. But when your bestie is making an effort to be there, let her!

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