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5 Reasons You Must Travel With Your Partner Before You Tie The Knot

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They say that you must travel together with your partner at least once before you commit to a lifetime with them. You may brush this off as superficial advice, but it kind of makes sense. Especially if you don’t have the option of living together. You see, you can’t really get to know someone unless you go to bed and wake up with them, without the option of leaving. Even though when you take a trip together, you can’t really tell what it would be like to live with this person, since you’re on vacay mode, it can still give you a window into who they are. Here’s why.


You get to see what they’re like in the mornings. 
Do they wake up all energetic and jumpy? Or, do they like to wake up slowly? Are they grumpy? Do they hate making conversation first thing in the morning? Are they groggy till they shower? Who is this person? Can you power through their morning breath?


You understand their idea of “fun” 
Is micro-planning how they have fun? Or would they rather go with the flow? Are they the sort of person who would rather chill all day with a beer or a cocktail, or do they want to party it up in a night club all night?


Do they like luxury or basic? 
What kind of a place do they enjoy staying at? A rustic, run down hostel, or a 5-star resort? A chain hotel, or a boutique hotel? They kind of place they choose to vacation at can tell you a lot  about the kind of life they dream of.


Are they a spendthrift or thrifty?
Do they keep tab on every single penny that’s spent, or are they relaxed about money, knowing that it will come back?


You get to see how they are with life’s ups and downs
A vacation is a high, and post vacation is when one experiences a low. You know that feeling of resenting having to go to work, hating the city you live in because you’ve just come back from a picturesque location. Basically, hating on everything. It’s a downer. How do they deal with it? Do they get cranky and crabby? Or, can they understand and be cognisant of what is happening?


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