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5 Reasons Friends Who Call You Out For Your Crap Are The Best

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What’s the best thing about the friends in Friends? They don’t put on a sugar-coated front and aren’t afraid to call each other out for their crap. Remember how Phoebe tells Ross that he’s being stuck up when it comes to his theory of evolution? Or when the gang calls Chandler out for hooking up with Joey’s sister and not remembering her name? And how they let Monica know when she’s being too controlling?

I love my friendships where I don’t have to act like I am walking on eggshells. Like recently, I called my best friend out for letting her insecurities get the best of her. But good friends don’t condescend you or judge you. They just help you identify behaviours that others are too scared to point out.

Even when it comes to relationships, I don’t want a man who will put me on a pedestal. If I am being super careless or mean, tell me about it. If I tell you about a fight and you have a different, unbiased perspective tell me about it. Don’t tell me I am right.

Here’s why we need girlfriends who can call us out on our crap.

You will learn from your mistakes

Little things build up over a period of time and before you know it, a certain toxic trait is causing major problems in your life. If your friends point your behaviour out, it will help you overcome your worst habits and help iron out the creases in your life. Before a small mistake ends up making you regret something big, they will be there to call you out for your BS.

It shows she’s honest and unpretentious

This means that she doesn’t keep things in her heart and will not call a spade a diamond. She is a no-nonsense gal and that means you don’t ever have to worry about her motives. Communication during a fight will also be simplified since you know she’s saying it like it is. Plus, you can always rely on her for the advice!

These are the friends who truly know you

It takes a long period of time and analysis to know a person’s worst side. I know how my bestie’s insecurities hurt her relationships because I have paid attention to it. My bestie too called me out after a breakup for bottling things up and acting like Ross’s female version with the ‘I’m fine!’ Friends who know you more than you know yourself are a blessing!

They encourage you to face your emotions

We are often in denial when it comes to emotions that are negative or scary. Like after I break up, I want to act like I am a-ok. Or when I am feeling possessive, I don’t want to take responsibility. Or when I act like an asshole, my ego wants to still pretend I am right. But these things aren’t conducive to personal growth. Friends who help you identify the emotions you want to pretend don’t exist are the best. That’s how you deal with those and not add them to your baggage.

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It means your bond is strong AF

If your friends can call you out without worrying if it will hurt your friendship, congratulations, you’re close! Like with my bestie, we know we can be honest to each other, we may even temporarily offend each other because of egos but it won’t ruin our friendship! That kinda bond is something you will cherish all your life.

So celebrate friends who tell you on your face that you need to stop falling for fuckbois, or that your new romance is nothing but a rebound. Celebrate friends who tell you when an outfit is looking terrible or when you need to work on something you’ve been ignoring. Don’t be fooled by the sugar-coaters!

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