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5 Offbeat Ideas For An Epic Bachelorette Party

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A good bachelorette party equals a trip to a picturesque location at a beach you can afford to visit, a penis-shaped cake (which, basically is designed for you to gush over man-parts like a virgin when you might not be one *rolls eyes*), some sashes for the bride-to-be and her squad, and perhaps, if you can find one, a male stripper, right?

Barring the girls’ trip, we’re kinda done with this over-the-top display of one’s impending marital status. Your bachelorette is supposed to be about YOU. Instead, the current state of affairs of dick-shaped desserts makes it all about the man! Nope, we don’t need that.

Ditch the pomposity and consider these 5 ways of celebrating the last of your singlehood, and your new life!

1. Head for a solo trip

The idea that you need to have one last trip with just the girls is archaic. If you are marrying someone who will cost you your friendships, instead of nurturing them with you, then that’s a problem! What I’m trying to say is – an all-girls trip can happen anytime! But, once you are married, you will be sharing your life with another person. It might do you good to take some time exclusively to yourself.

2. Go for an adventure trip

You want to have a memorable, fun time with your gang of girls before the wedding madness hits you, that’s fine. How about going somewhere, and doing something that will give you an adrenalin rush. I’m thinking tandem bungee jumping with your bestie?

3. How about a spa day with your girls?

Picture sitting by the poolside at a fancy hotel, with cocktails in your hand, and feet getting a super relaxing massage by a pro. Doesn’t sound half-bad, does it? Running up to the wedding, you will need a lot of down time. What’s better than having your friends around WHILE you get that?

4. Organise a home concert just for you and your friends

The best parties are ones that are in the privacy of your home, with people you genuinely love and get along with. If you’re a music lover, then the idea of having a private gig would certainly excite you. You can make that happen! There are a lot of super talented musicians in our country who aren’t that big.


5. How about a regular party with ALL your friends?

Including your guy friends you’re super close to. The idea that your close friends are only of the same sex is rather old-school, don’t you think? We live in a world where many of us have genuine platonic friendships with people of the opposite sex. Let’s not exclude them!

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