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Women In Kerala Come Up With A Mobile Ayurvedic Clinic For Women That Will Offer Them Holistic Services. This Is A Great Idea!

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The other day while I was on a call with my best friend, he was raving about how relaxing his weekend had been owing to the 90 minutes long massage he had in the comfort of his own house. At which point, I broke our friendship because who needs that kind of negativity and also started to wonder about last time I had that kind of time taken out for myself. With the lockdown in place since March, and pressures of making ends meet both at home and at work, a burden borne largely by women, most of us have forgotten what it even felt like to relax, much less remember Ayurvedic massages. And also, how do you take the risks during this time?

Coming up with the idea of proposing a holistic experience for women, by women, Ayursthree came into existence. It is a project of Ayurkshethra based in Cherthala, Alappuzha. With the idea of providing an ayurvedic massage in the comfort of one’s home, replete with treatments for wellness and therapeutic purposes, Ayursthree was formed with the idea of offering a rejuvenating experience to women who seldom find the time or the means to look after their selves.

Dr Meera Menon, medical director, Ayursthree is of the view that, “The novel project envisages providing women with ayurvedic treatment at their homes. The only requirement is that a room with an attached bathroom is made available.” She goes on to share how women in most places are either not acquainted to taking out time for themselves considering how women have been conditioned by the society to keep other’s interests on the back burner or doubt the quality of the treatments offered. Not to forget, the danger of assault and harassment given that a massage can be a pretty intimate affair keeps women from availing of these services.


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Which is why, coming up with a solution, Dr. Meera Menon says, “As a result, a majority of them skip the much-needed treatments that work towards alleviating their health issues. Women who want to avail the treatment can make a call. The mobile clinic, which has an all-woman crew, will reach the destination and provide treatment.”


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She goes on to share how, “Ayursthree provides treatments ranging from traditional methods to a spa-like experience. Back in the day, female ayurvedic practitioners visited homes to provide postpartum care. Even though the practice may not exist, the treatment they provided continues to be in high demand.”

Having made more than 100 visits in the last one year, this mobile clinic might just be the future for women rejuvenation and relaxation, providing them with a flexible option that is not just safe but also convenient to avail. It is only fair that women are reminded to put their health and comfort as a priority and with such services coming up, we can say this is a great start.

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