Woman’s Towel Hack That Prevents It From Slipping Is Going Viral As Netizens Are Baffled By It. We’ve Been Doing It Wrong All Along?

Woman’s Towel Hack That Prevents It From Slipping Is Going Viral As Netizens Are Baffled By It. We’ve Been Doing It Wrong All Along?

If you tell me that you’ve never come out of the shower with a towel wrapped around you, I will not believe you. Now I know it doesn’t matter but towels have been used for way more than just drying ourselves off in the shower. We wrap it around ourselves because Indians don’t believe in the concept of bathrobes unless we are staying in a hotel. Also, a towel allows you to prance around the room singing ‘mere khwaabo mein‘ and pretending you’re in a movie. We also use the towels as a cover-up around swimming pools because again Indians don’t believe in investing in a real beach cover-up. And yet, even though we rely heavily on our towels, we fear it might just slip off.

Now it’s not like it’s a big deal if we are around the pool and it falls off. But it’s kinda embarrassing! So a woman recently shared with us her discovery of a life hack that makes the towel so secure, both Fevicol and Ambuja Cement are fighting over its exclusive rights. That’s a joke – pointing it out for those who’ll believe anything. Anyhoo, Jessica Ruley from Idaho was going to the pool with her fam jam and she noticed her sister Aimee Katsma had wrapped the towel around her waist in a peculiar way. When she asked her, her sister said it’s a method that prevents the towel from slipping off and it was actually her husband who taught her that.

Talking about the trick, it’s not how we wrap it around and tuck one corner in. You have to wrap it around and instead of tucking it in, you must fold the waist area. So Jessica’s sisters Aimee and Melissa tried it and walked in a goofy manner to see if the towel drops. And boy, it did not! It didn’t let go at the slightest hint of difficulty, unlike the guys I dated.

And while Jessica and we at Hauterfly are completely awestruck with this supposedly new hack, several women commented on her video saying they’ve been doing it all along. “Girl…. us girls from Hawaii have been doing this for ages,” someone pointed out. Another person said that Somalis have been doing it too and apparently “for thousands of years.” I just can’t wrap my head around this. What? I don’t know a single person who wears their towel this way. Our whole life has been a lie…And if you ask me why is it so important to me? Well, it’s not like any of us have anything remarkable to do except WFH. It’s not like we are going to be creating the vaccines. So we might as well use this time to learn some really important things – like wrapping a towel correctly. No wonder the video has gone viral and reached millions of views!

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Speaking about the video, Jessica said, “I never thought this video would go viral as we were just messing around. I do realize some people already knew about this trick; however, it was new to us! I hope to make more fun videos in the future that can maybe help others!” Thanks for enlightening the rest of the world. I’ll be in my room trying this out.

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