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Woman In Thailand Finds A Lump That Costs Up To 1.9 Crores! You Won’t Believe What It Actually Is

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Walking alongside a beautiful beach, feet in the sand, breeze in my hair, sun kissing my skin and the sound of the ocean waves gently rocking me into a trance. That was my idea of a perfect day at the beach, up until recently when I came across the news of a woman in Thailand, who while on her stroll across a beach found something that ended up being worth a whopping £190,000 (Rs 1.9 crore). No it’s not a stolen pirate treasure, but in fact, solidified whale vomit!

Siriporn Niamrin was on one of her casual strolls along the  beach after a heavy rainstorm when she noticed a large lump washing up at the shore in Nakhon Si Thammarat province on February 23, as reported by Daily Mail. When she walked up to the lump for a closer look, she realised that the material smelled of fish and unsure about what exactly it was, she dragged it back to her house. Little did she know, she had come across the most unlikely pandora’s box..

When Niamrin showed the lump to her neighbours, they identified the oval shaped material as whale vomit. Fun fact?  The whale vomit that is commonly known as ‘ambergris’ is used as a major ingredient in the perfume industry. Hence, the whopping £190,000.

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To be sure that they had correctly identified the substance as whale vomit, they decided to hold a simple experiment that would confirm their suspicion. They held up a flame as long as 24 inches and 12 inches wide. Upon lighting that flame, a little part of the whale vomit melted, but soon hardened after cooling up.

Waiting on a team of experts to come and see it for themselves, she has stored the 15lb (6.80 kg) mass with care and precision. Speaking about her lucky find, Niamrin said, “If I really have the genuine ambergris, I can help my community once I find a buyer for it. I feel lucky to have found such a large piece. I hope it will bring me money. I’m keeping it safe in my house and I have asked the local council to visit to check it.”

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