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Woman Gives Birth 14 Months After Her Husband’s Death

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Being a parent is such a wonderful thing for most couples. Holding that special someone in your arms for the first time, watching them take their first steps, speaking their first words, etc. – is a magical feeling. And this feeling gets further amplified when you have your partner to share it with. But not everyone is that lucky. For instance, this woman gave birth to her child after the death of her husband.

Recently, a woman named Sarah Shellenberger, gave birth to her little boy after 14 months of her husband’s death using a frozen embryo. She lost her husband, Scott, who was 41 years at the time to a heart attack in February 2020. 

Sarah Shellenberger went to the Barbados fertility clinic after six months to complete the fertility procedure that she started off with her late husband. And luckily, everything worked out just fine and she was finally able to conceive.

While remembering her husband, Scott, she said that if he was around then he would be overjoyed with the news as he desperately wanted to become a father. In fact, they even had shortlisted names for their children. 

She reminisced about the time when they were filling out the paperwork freezing the embryo; her husband and she had mutually decided that if something happened to either of them, then the living partner would decide what they wanted to do with the embryo. 

While speaking to the Mirror, she told them, “To me, there was no other option. They are our kids. I had to try to get pregnant and bring our children into this world.” And on May 3rd, Sarah Shellenberger welcomed their baby boy, Hayles, without her husband. 

Sarah Shellenberger felt bittersweet when holding the boy because he would never get to meet his father. She is also planning to get pregnant a second time using the last embryo in 2022. As of now, the birth of their child has helped her heal from the pain of her husband’s death and things are looking much brighter for the new mother.

Having to raise a child alone is no joke. But Sarah Shellenberger and her late husband had a dream of starting their own family and nothing has stopped her from doing that alone. A child brings so much joy and happiness to one’s life. And the fact that science has progressed so much to make this dream a reality for many couples is nothing short of magic.


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